AHQ's Albis discusses role-swapping and AHQ's aspirations to win MSI

by Kelsey Moser May 8 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Robert Paul / theScore eSports

AHQ, the team representing the Taiwanese, Hong Kong, and Macau region, had an impressive 2-1 record on Day 1 of the Mid-Season Invitational. I was able to sit down with their support player Albis to ask them a few questions after their final match win against Besiktas.

Hello, how are you?


You played very well today, so congratulations. I know you've done a lot of role-swapping in the past; you played mid a little and AD carry. Which role do you like to play the most?

AD Carry

What do you enjoy about playing AD carry?

When I started to play this game, I tried to play every lane, but I found AD carry can carry the whole team. That's why I like AD carry more.

Do you feel like you have significantly less impact as a support?

The support role is the most helpful role in the team because the support has to remember a lot of information and provide support in laning and team fight. Support is very important.

Which moment has been the most exciting and memorable moment for you so far at MSI?

Arriving at MSI was the most memorable moment, knowing I can compete with other champions from each region.

Did you expect to do as well as you did against Fnatic?

We had played against a similar team comp before, so we knew how to deal with their kind of team comp.

Do you think you will make semifinals?


Do you think you will place higher than fourth in the group stage?

There is a high chance we can go further than fourth.

You came from behind in the LMS. The FlashWolves were favored to win for most of the split. Do you believe you're the best team to represent LMS here?

Winning the championship is the team's biggest wish so we can prove Taiwan is the strongest region.

Do you think the patch change was the biggest factor in you winning LMS?

The patch change was significant, but we also significantly improved team communication before Playoffs.

Does the running joke about Albis Dumbledore and Albis vs Dumbledoge that the English casters use translate? Does it appeal to you?

I don't know.

Of your two remaining opponents in Group Stage, SKT and TSM, which do you feel you are more likely to beat?

If we can improve our stability as a team in game, we can beat either SKT or TSM.

Is there anything you would like to say to fans in North America who want to watch more LMS after seeing your games?

We heard fans cheering for us, and we were happy. We hope our new fans can learn more about us.

Kelsey Moser enjoys a lane-swapping support from time to time. You can follow her on Twitter.