Bang discusses his champion pool and desire to play Deft again

by Kelsey Moser May 8 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of OGN

SK Telecom T1 was the only team to go undefeated on the first day of the Mid-Season Invitational. AD carry Bang had a powerful performance against favored AD carry Deft. We talked to him after his last game against Team SoloMid to get more of his thoughts on his own performance and the matchup.

Hello, thank you for the interview. Could you tell me about why you seem to gravitate toward AD carries with escapes and high mobility?

I can play a lot of things, and what I play actually will depend more on what the team needs than my preference.

Do you think you are less effective on champions other than Kalista? Will banning her decrease your game impact?

I've been a professional gamer since Season 2, and I have a very wide champion pool. For each changing meta, I can play at last five different AD champions. If you ban one champion, I have four others. It won't lessen my abilities if you ban Kalista.

Do you prefer to play with Easyhoon or Faker, and does it effect the pressure on you to help carry and which champions you play?

Unlike what people assume, it isn't about who plays, but which champion they play. Easyhoon can play aggressively, and Faker can play a supportive champion like Lulu. As I said before, I'll just play whatever suits our composition.

Were you disappointed in your matchup against Deft? Why do you think that matchup seemed so one-sided?

When EDG invaded the red buff, and we got a kill, it became very advantageous for our side. At that point, they had no chance of winning the 2v2 against us. Next time, I hope we can play in a best-of-five or best-of-three setting. Deft and I have been friends for a long time, but this was our first chance to face each other. A best-of-one won't tell us who is better. I hope we meet at a higher stage in the competition.

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