theScore esports Daily (April 30): Chinese League of Legends team Rogue Warriors Shark found guilty of match-fixing

by Devin Jones Apr 30 2019
Thumbnail image courtesy of Rogue Warriors Shark

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LDL's Rogue Warriors Shark found guilty of match-fixing

According to the official LDL Chinese League Weibo account, as translated by Inven Global, Rogue Warriors Shark have forfeited their LDL Spring Split playoff spot after a league investigation found three players guilty of match-fixing.

The official ruling stipulates that mid-laner Jie “Caocao” Ren and AD Carry Kangjian ”Zhanzhao” Liao and Zhanhong “FengXian” Liu were “involved in manipulating match outcomes through prohibited approaches during the LDL Spring regular season.”

The disqualification stems from RWS having only four players remaining on the roster after the aforementioned ban with no avenue to sign new players since registration has closed.

"As such, according to LDL regulations article 4.1.3 and 9.6.10, RWS will lose their spot in the LDL 2019 Spring Playoffs due to failure to have a 5-player team. Their opponents will receive a bye in affected series,” reads the official Weibo report.

Caocao, Zhanzhao, Fengxian, and XiaoYao have all received a ban from playing in all LoL tournaments for 18 months, while RWS' coach and general manager both received warnings for “failure to carry out their management obligations.”

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