Faker and MaRin press conference: "I think [Febiven] will become a great player"

by Kelsey Moser May 9 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Robert Paul / MSI / theScore eSports

After a long, five-game series between Fnatic and SK Telecom T1, MaRin and Faker took part in a post-game press conference. Here are the questions and answers supplied during the event.

This series ended up being much more competitive than expected. What was it about Fnatic's playstyle that ended up being effective?

Faker: Even though Fnatic won the European LCS, I did think they would do well, but not this well, and the reason for their surprising performance was the two Korean players.

Faker played all five games, but obviously he could have been replaced. Was there ever a doubt or fear, or was the team confident the whole time?

Faker: I don't know what was planned.

Were you confident in yourself?

Faker: Yes, I was pretty confident.

There were moments were MaRin got focused in the top lane and struggled. Did that affect you as a shotcaller?

MaRin: It's true that I was focused a lot in the top lane. I think the reason for that was that we weren't as communicative as we could be with the mid lane and the bottom lane, so that's why we allowed those ganks. It did have a negative effect on my performance as a top laner.

SKT is the only team that's been able to fall behind and make come backs at this tournament so far. Is that due to the difference in skill in the Korean region and other regions?

MaRin: The reason that we were able to come back from difficult games was because we have overall game management better than any other team. That's why we can come back from games we were losing.

What are your thoughts on Febiven?

Faker: I think he's a player of great potential, and he still has some areas to improve upon, but I think he'll become a great player.

Some teams decide they don't want to get the dragon, but SKT tries to go for the dragon every time. Why is the dragon so important?

MaRin: The reason why we tried to get the dragon every time was we have favorable situations in mid lane and bottom lane, so we always went for it. Also, getting the early dragons is always helpful for winning the game overall.

You mentioned the ability to come back. What do you think is the biggest factor in making a come back? Is it knowing where to pick a fight, minion management, the dragon control, or something else? What gives you your overall game control?

MaRin: The biggest factor I think was being able to clear the minion waves in a timely manner. So when we would choose to perform a team fight, we would always be at an advantage for the amount of champions that were there at that moment.

Chinese teams, before the Koreans moved over, were usually focused on outright aggression most of the time. How do you feel seeing top players like Deft or imp adapting to that style of play — the Chinese style of play, or perhaps creating their own style of play?

Faker: Chinese teams used to be really aggressive and focused on winning fights and so on, but I think, after the Korean players moved there, a lot of teams began to focus on getting the minions and playing the game overall, so I think it had a positive impact on those teams, and they're a bigger threat.

Obviously, in the LCK, teams are allowed to have more than six players on a team. Coming to MSI, do you think only having six players hindered your strategy against teams in the international scene?

MaRin: I think the other players that did not come with us to the MSI are also excellent players, so if they were able to come, then we would have an even bigger advantage. So yes, it did give us a disadvantage having fewer players.

A big point of contention that the casters focused on was the jungle matchup, and Rek'Sai was a really big focus, so how did you adapt to especially the Warrior enchantment on the Rek'Sai for Reignover?

Faker: So, Reignover is a really aggressive jungler, so that's why Rek'Sai is actually a very ideal pick for him. So when he was able to play Rek'Sai, he was really deadly.

What do you like to do in your spare time when not playing League?

MaRin: I like to walk my dog.

What dog?

MaRin: I have a poodle.

Kelsey Moser is a staff writer for the Score eSports. You can guess which questions she asked at the press conference by tweeting at her here.