pawN: "I feel Easyhoon is the better mid laner"

by Kelsey Moser May 10 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Robert Paul / theScore eSports

Edward Gaming finished a convincing 3-0 semifinal series against AHQ eSports Club. After the series, pawN, the team's mid laner, was available at a press conference to answer questions. Here are the questions and answers from the event.

What did you think about the international mid lane talent?

So before coming to MSI, what I had thought was that myself, Faker, Bjergsen, and Easyhoon were the best mid laners coming to MSI. Having matched up against them, I felt Bjergsen did not perform as well as I had anticipated. On the other hand, Febiven and Westdoor performed really well, so I was surprised.

You mentioned that Easyhoon was talented, but Faker played all five games, and we might expect Faker to play tomorrow. Who would you prefer to play tomorrow?

I would prefer to play Easyhoon.

Any reason why?

I feel Easyhoon is the better mid laner.

In the past, when you've faced Faker, you've been able to get the better of him both in terms of team results and one-on-one. Why do you think that is the case?

The reason that I could beat him one-on-one was that I simply did better than he did. The reason my team won against his was that our team had better teamwork.

What do you think you have to do to beat SKT tomorrow?

I didn't see any SKT games in which SKT just totally anihilated other people. They were pretty close matches. Tomorrow, as long as we do well in pick and ban, we should win.

You lost pretty heavily to SKT in group stages. What do you think you did wrong?

I think the picks and bans did not go as we had anticipated, so we had a composition in which we were all-in on the Tristana, but the Tristana did not grow that well after laning phase. Also, I was not able to beat my lane opponent. So that is why the game went pretty poorly.

I know during the LPL playoffs that you had a small leave of absence due to injury. Are you coming into MSI at your peak or are you still recovering?

I wouldn't say that the back injury that occurred in China is actually not affecting me now, but even then I am not in the ideal condition because of the jet lag, and I am currently suffering from an eye disease, so I'm not performing at my peak.

You, in particular on Edward Gaming in the LPL, played a wide variety of mid lane champions and some mid lane champions that your opposition or other players internationally weren't playing like Veigar, Lux, etc., and Koro1 said you were playing some things that might be silly, but what are your thoughts on that?

I actually don't think I pick champions to have fun. I pick champions that are good for playing in an actual match. I think they're serious picks.

What about Talon and Jayce. Will we see them at all against SKT?

Talon, I think, is a pretty terrible pick right now. Jayce, there is a possibility.

Both you and Faker have excelled on Cassiopeia in the past few days. Do you value this pick very highly, and do you think in the finals it will be valued as well?

I think we have a set number of mid champions and also AD carry champions that are being played over and over this tournament. I think the same champions will be played tomorrow.

If you had to compare your experiences on EDG, so far what are a lot of the team dynamics and differences compared to your past on Samsung White?

The biggest difference would be that Samsung White actually won the World Championship, and they have proved themselves to be the best. EDG, even though they have done pretty well in China so far, I think they are still on their way to becoming Champions.

Kelsey Moser is a staff writer for the Score eSports. She enjoys the China-Korea. You can follow her on Twitter.