Deft: "There is something Korean AD Carries can learn from [Chinese]"

by Kelsey Moser May 10 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Robert Paul / theScore eSports

After Deft hopped his way to the finals on Kalista against AHQ in a convincing 3-0 for Edward Gaming, he attended a press conference for English speakers. Here are questions and answers from the event.

How do you feel about making the finals?

Obviously I feel pretty happy about the fact that I've made the finals, but one thing I strongly feel right now is I feel terrible that we lost to SKT, so I'm ready for revenge tomorrow.

Last year, you and imp were both considered top tier AD Carries, and it seemed like he got the best of you toward the end of the season in the semifinal at Worlds. This past split you got to face LGD in the LPL finals and you beat him. How has that rivalry been and how has it transferred from Korea to China, and has that affected it?

I think that we're good rivals because we have a lot to learn form each other. Just as when we start to get really lazy, we start to look to each other to improve ourselves and give ourselves incentive, so it's pretty healthy.

In the group stages, did you miss Rekkles?

Yep, I had really hoped to see Rekkles here at MSI because I miss him. Yeah it was really disappointing that I couldn't see him.

After you and imp left Korea, and to some extent after Piglet left as well, famous Korean ADCs were replaced by lesser known guys. What do you feel is the strength of the AD carry role in Korea and especially Bang who you face again tomorrow?

Korean AD Carries that have entered the scene since we left — I think they're really good overall, but Chinese AD Carries are actually really aggressive in lane, so there is something that Korean AD Carries can learn from. Speaking of Bang, I actually know him very well personally, and I've played him a lot, so we actually know each other's playstyle, so the game tomorrow will be really fun to watch and play.

Regarding Kalista, in the LPL you played it much less than other AD Carries, and even in the final, Edward Gaming banned it every game against imp. Yet at MSI you've been much more willing to leave it open and even pick it. What has changed between the LPL and MSI, and do you think you have to ban it tomorrow against Bang who is a very strong Kalista player?

Before in the LPL, I actually didn't understand Kalista very well. Kalista is actually a type of champion I don't prefer to play, and that's why it was banned the entire series. Coming here, I actually understand it better now. Even though I still don't prefer to play Kalista's type of champion, I think I'm better at it, so I've played it so far. Tomorrow, I think Kalista will be an important strategic pick, so I think I have prepared enough for it.

I get mixed reviews about the state of AD Carries in the tank meta. What do you think about the state of AD Carries right now, and how they impact the game? If you had to change anything about that state, what would it be?

Right now we are seeing a lot of tankers and bruisers that can do a lot of damage, so survival as an AD Carry is more important than ever. So I need to focus more on surviving in team fights.

Kelsey Moser is a staff writer for the Score eSports. You can follow her on Twitter where she rants about LPL a lot.