PawN: 'at Worlds I think if other regions are this bad, at this point we can win Worlds as well'

by Kelsey Moser May 11 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Robert Paul / TheScore eSports

After winning the 2015 Mid-Season Invitational in a hard-fought five game series against SK Telecom T1, Edward Gaming took part in a post-game press conference. Here are the questions and answers supplied during the event.

How do you think you will fair at worlds?

PawN: At Worlds I think if other regions are this bad, at this point we can win worlds as well.

How significant is it that Evelynn was the pick that clinched it for you in Game 5?

ClearLove: It’s an important strategy for us. When Bengi picked Nunu, I picked Evelynn to counter him.

What does it feel like to win your first major international event?

Deft: Feels great to get our revenge against SKT.

What do you guys plan to do to celebrate? Disney World is pretty close by.

Deft: We will all fly to Los Angeles tomorrow.

What’s it like after you’ve come so far in only a short time playing competitive games?

Meiko: I feel super excited, it’s my first time on the international stage and I won the championship. I feel very happy.

Is SKT worse now or are you guys just better?

Deft: Compared to group stage I just think we played better as a team.

There was a lot of emphasis on the Maokai pick, were you trying to keep it away from MaRin or was that the strongest pick?

Koro1: SKT can play Maokai well, and this champion is pretty strong, and pretty easy. So with this champion we needed to win, so that’s why I picked Maokai first.

You’ve won two straight international events, how does it feel?

PawN: I didn't expect to win such a big tournament on such quick turnover. I think I moved to a very good [team] and that's how we managed to win this tournament.

Now that you guys are on top, how do you guys fight complacency?

ClearLove: I think our goal is to get the 2015 World Championship [title], so we will work towards this goal.

How much credit do you guys give to the work done by your coaching staff?

PawN: I think our coaching staff tried as hard as we did, so I would say a 50/50 effort.

How important is this in terms of the run up to Worlds, will it be useful?

ClearLove: I think that all of the teams that come to MSI are the top teams and the strongest teams from their regions. For us, we can win this championship which means we are not weaker than the teams and players from other regions.

By beating Bang, are you the best ADC in the world?

Deft: I think imp is the best. imp told me to say that.

Do you guys think that China is the strongest region?

PawN: Naturally, the skill level of LPL and LCK are pretty close, but right now I think we are stronger than them.

You’ve had a period of success and dominance before. What keeps the team motivated to stay competitive?

ClearLove: When I was on team WE, I think my age was younger than other players and at that time, they had other options and other goals so they chose to retire, but my dream is to gather more championships in this year so that's why I stayed here and [am] playing for my dreams.

Kelsey Moser is a staff writer for the Score eSports. You can guess which questions she asked at the press conference by tweeting at her here.