Fnatic defeats UoL to kick off the EU LCS Summer Split

by theScore Staff May 28 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Robert Paul / theScore eSports

Fnatic took the first win of the European LCS Summer Split over the Unicorns of Love in a safe 36 minute game.

In a mirrored early game, both teams rotated four players to take down the first towers of the game. Shortly after Fnatic claimed the first dragon, they took First Blood in an aggressive four-man top lane dive. The early engagement ended entirely in Fnatic's favor, who managed to get three kills as well as their second Tier 1 tower.

The Unicorns took a dragon of their own and slowly closed the gap throughout the mid game. With that being said, Fnatic were still leading but they were letting UoL take over the map.

Fnatic managed to re-establish their lead, holding back the Unicorns by winning a pair of team fights that allowed them to secure the game's first Baron.

It only took the reigning champions a few more minutes to run ahead of the Unicorns and seal the game. A nice Gnar ultimate from Huni allowed Fnatic to take the game at the 36 minute mark.