Origen pickup first win of the season against Giants Gaming

by theScore Staff May 28 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Youtube

Origen introduced themselves to EU LCS fans with an aggressive win against Giants Gaming Thursday.

The pick and bans phase was interesting on both sides, with Origen selecting Rumble, Evelynn, Morgana, Kalista and Alistar. Giants, for their part, followed in Fnatic’s steps by picking Ashe, as well as Gnar, Sejuani, LeBlanc and Thresh.

The early game was a bit slow, with neither team getting any objectives or getting anything more than trading a bit of aggression. The standard laning phase continued uninterrupted past the 10 minute mark, until Origen finally went in to secure an uncontested dragon. The team also managed to dance out of danger several times, going just out of range before the Giants could do mortal damage.

First blood was shed in the bottom lane by Origen 13 minutes in, but Giants immediately took a kill of their own.

The newcomers came back to the same lane a minute later to grab two more kills and a turret. They then met Giants in the mid lane to punish an out of position team. Playing an objective-focused game, Origen took a second turret and dragon, then chased away their enemies to take three kills (in exchange for one).

The fatal problem on Giants' side was their timidness to use the huge amount of engage in their lineup (with Gnar, Sejuani and Ashe), letting Origen control the pace of the game.

Around 23 minutes in, a team fight turned against the Giants, who gave up three kills and took none.

Origen used their time to run up to the Baron pit with their health bars dangerously low, and they were interrupted by a Giants teleport. This mistake cost them a dragon, but they maintained a comfortable lead with the kill score at 11-2.

Origen again made a huge mistake by greedily going for Baron 27 minutes in, which allowed Giants to punish them brutally by initiating a fight in the river that gave them three kills for one.

Nearly closing the gold gap, the now quite hopeful Giants invaded the enemy jungle and secured vision around the Baron.

But at the 30 minute mark, the smidgen of hope the Giants had was destroyed by Origen, who met them close to the dragon pit to take three kills.

This time with understandable confidence, Origen rushed up the river to take Baron, then also took their third dragon with the kill score favoring them at 15-5. Origen then aggressively pushed into the bottom lane, taking the blue inhibitor even though their opponents dragged down their Rumble.

After the 35 minute mark, Origen invaded the top lane to take the inhibitor and three opponents, then pushed in to destroy the enemy nexus with 18 kills (versus 8) and three dragons (versus one) on the board.

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