Elements punch down Gambit Gaming

by theScore Staff May 28 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Youtube

The new-look Elements team handed Gambit Gaming their first loss of the season Thursday.

In the early game, FORG1VEN and GoSu Pepper (previously known as Edward) applied a lot of pressure in the bottom lane, poking and pushing back their opponents. Neither team pulled ahead with an early dragon or kill, but Gambit managed to deal turret damage before the five minute mark had gone by.

Before the turn of the 10 minute mark, some aggression in the bottom lane resulted in a series of teleports that saw the teams engage in their first team fight.

Elements managed to get First Blood against Cabochard, and except for a few well-timed flashes (and a nice lantern by GoSu Pepper's Thresh) might have been even luckier. Elements used the momentum to get their first dragon, then another kill a few minutes later, but gave up two turrets in the process.

Elements secured their second dragon, but as a result were down four turrets to one 18 minutes into the game. Their opponents overstayed their welcome to take that fourth turret (in the top lane), and an aggressive Elements team punished them brutally with an early (but slow) ace that saw the kill score go up to 7-0, then 8-0 two minutes later.

With the Baron having spawned, Elements established vision in the top river, then pushed down the midlane to meet their opponents and trade two for one.

Elements then peeled back to take their third dragon, 24 minutes in, already noticeably ahead. But their enemies were hard at work, sneaking in Baron, which Elements ran to respond to with a steal.

Elements unleashed their fury on their opponents after stealing Baron, giving Tabzz a triple kill and taking the kill score to 14-1. They pushed in every lane, taking turret after turret as well as another kill, then melted the top inhibitor (and got, oh yes, another kill) before backing off to heal.

After the 30 minute mark, Elements ran down two opponents close to the dragon pit, and with the kill score at 18-1, took a fourth dragon. They had absolutely snowballed at this point, giving Gambit no chance for a come back, and killing three Gambit players in the top lane and right jungle.

Less than 33 minutes in, Elements took the remaining two inhibitors, then had to back off after giving up two kills (the kill score was still 23-3). They used the time to make quick work of their second Baron, while Gambit was held in their home base trying to clear away minion waves.

The second Baron closed the game, giving Elements enough confidence to go in for the final push, take the enemy nexus and close the game with a 26-4 lead.

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