H2K-Gaming stomp Team ROCCAT; pickup first win of season

by theScore Staff May 28 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Youtube

Team ROCCAT lost an uninspiring 33-minute game to H2K-Gaming that ended with a 23-5 kill score on Thursday.

While ROCCAT banned three of the most popular picks (Maokai, LeBlanc and Thresh), H2K seemed to take away some of the meta's most flexible champions in Urgot, Azir and Alistar. Ryu and co. first-picked Kalista, giving ROCCAT Hecarim and Cassiopeia, then Gragas, Lucian and Lulu. H2K took Gnar, Rek'Sai, Fizz and Morgana.

ROCCAT displayed a lot of aggression in the bottom lane, but didn't manage to get any kills early. First Blood went to H2K in the top lane at the four minute mark on Steve's Hecarim. Three minutes later, H2K got another kill against the Hecarim thanks to their furious Mega Gnar.

Not much had changed by the 10 minute mark, when H2K took their first uncontested dragon. Their gold lead continued to grow after they got the top Tier 1 turret, but their struggle in the bottom lane wasn't as straightforward against a bullying Lucian, who gave ROCCAT their first turret.

Before the 15 minute mark, a three-man gank onto Hecarim took him down again (making his KDA 0/3/0) but lost H2K even more farm in the bottom lane. A minute later, H2K shifted down to the bottom lane and behind the dragon pit met their enemies to grab three kills and give up none.

Equal in dragons but ahead in every other objective, H2K gave up their first kill in the top lane but traded it for a turret. They then moved into the midlane, melting enemy health bars in a controlled but unhesitating play that gave them three more kills by the 20 minute mark.

Piling onto ROCCAT players again and again, H2K had destroyed five turrets (but only given up one) 23 minutes in. With the kill score at 10-1, H2K secured their second dragon then set up vision around Baron.

H2K engaged and disengaged from fights beautifully, pushing ROCCAT back before starting on Baron. ROCCAT came in to interrupt, but their opponents pounced onto them to grab three kills and pave the way to an uncontested Baron.

The two groups traded kills, taking the score to 16-3 at the turn of the 30 minute mark, when H2K broke into the enemy base to take another kill (17-3) and the mid inhibitor. Having taken absolute control of the map, H2K quickly grabbed their third dragon while ROCCAT fumbled with minion waves.

H2K moved into the bottom lane to take a second inhibitor after killing the enemy AD Carry. Meeting their opponents at the only remaining red inhibitor, they gave up two kills but got this beautiful ace before closing the game just after 33 minutes.

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