Copenhagen Wolves make quick work of SK Gaming en route to first Summer win

by theScore Staff May 28 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Youtube

The Copenhagen Wolves took down SK Gaming in a one-sided game that granted the winning team a 17k gold lead after 32 minutes on Thursday.

The Copenhagen Wolves first-picked Evelynn, then chose Maokai, Azir, Draven and Morgana. SK Gaming answered with Gnar, Lee Sin, Kassadin, Lucian and Alistar, leaving their lineup without much wave clear.

CW started out with risky and aggressive plays, grouping to invade the enemy jungle, sneaking around the grass to gank onto players, and grouping to take the Tier 1 turret four minutes into the game. However, SK didn't give up an advantage and effectively read into these plays, danced out of range and got an early turret of their own.

The early game was full of action, with both groups poking turrets and getting very close to shedding First Blood several times. The gold finally went to CW, whose three-man gank in the bottom lane took down the enemy Alistar.

After the 10 minute mark, CW managed to take down the enemy Gnar in the top lane but traded the first dragon for it. SK's Gnar went down again in the top lane, now clearly giving up an advantage. CW used their momentum to push up the midlane, taking a tower, before going up the bottom lane to take a third turret.

By the 15 minute mark, with the kill score at 3-0 and the turret score at 3-1, the only advantage SK had was in their sole dragon. The groups slowed down a little to farm and ward, then moved down the river where SK tried to go in for the second dragon but had to deal with an interruption.

Having taken two kills, CW grabbed took away the enemy's only advantage by taking their first dragon buff. However, they gave up a kill to SK in the midlane a minute later. CW responded by taking down the enemy AD Carry, which they used to invade the enemy jungle. At the turn of the 20 minute mark, with the kill score at 6-1, SK managed to get their second turret.

With Airwaks split pushing in the bottom lane, the rest of the players punched their way into an epic team fight in the mid lane that gave them kill after kill. Their Azir staying alive miraculously, CW managed to not give up any kills but get this amazing ace.

CW's early snowball had turned into an avalanche by the midgame, when they traded one for one in the toplane then started to establish wards around Baron. They moved up the midlane, taking the first red inhibitor by the 27 minute.

A minute later, the wolves started on Baron, but had to turn their back on the monster to deal with SK. CW managed to get three more kills to pull the kill score to 15-2, then went back to take Baron with some protest by their opponents, who gave up yet another kill.

CW took a third dragon 30 minutes in, then looped into the bottom lane to melt a sixth turret. They knocked at the enemy base one last time, ignoring turret damage to get four more kills and end the game in 32 minutes.

Farnia Fekri is a staff writer for theScore eSports. She actually, somehow, in some way, for some reason, doesn't mind V8. Follow her on Twitter.