Origen make a bold statement with win over H2K

by theScore Staff May 29 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of EU LCS / Youtube

In a snowballing and uncharacteristically one-sided game, newcomer team Origen made a bold statement in the EU LCS by taking down H2K-Gaming.

With aggressive plays and confident dives, Origen won the first game of the second day of the Summer Split in under 28 minutes.

Rising out of the challenger series, Origen went into the game as the newcomer looking to match the signature power spikes of the veteran H2K players. Both teams went into the match with a win from Day 1.

On the blue side, Origen valued their jungler above all else, first-picking Gragas. H2K responded with the promise of a tanky, meta lineup, taking Maokai and Sivir, then adding Janna, Kassadin as well as (the ever popular Summer pick) Evelynn. Origen didn't have much peel but prioritized damage instead, locking in Rumble, LeBlanc, Vayne and Annie.

Origen bullied H2K in the early game in the top and mid lanes, grabbing First Blood against Ryu about six minutes in.

A minute later, H2K got their revenge kill against the enemy Rumble in the bottom lane. Origen's aggressive tactics worked in their favor, letting them kill the enemy AD Carry to regain the lead, then confidently secured their first uncontested dragon. H2K traded that for a downed blue turret.

At the turn of the 10 minute mark, the groups took a kill each, with Origen still ahead 3-2 with a slight gold lead.

Origen players, especially in the midlane, kept threatening opponents by jumping in for pokes. They teleported into the bottom lane with a belligerent and ambitious turret dive that gave them two kills in exchange for one. The newbies transitioned into getting their second uncontested dragon, now up 2k in gold and in kills (5-3), and equal in turrets (1-1).

Going into the midgame, when H2K traditionally goes through their power spike, the veterans were trying to catch up to the fast and furious play of their opponents. In the top and mid lanes, about 17 minutes in, Origen punched down three enemy players while H2K took another kill.

By the 20 minute mark, when Origen got another kill to make the kill score 9-4, the team was ahead in all objectives and split pushing in the middle and top lanes. A frustrated H2K couldn't chase down single players, and were caught in team fights that melted health bars and gave Origen three, then four kills in the top lane.

Two minutes later, Origen took three more kills in the bottom lane, which gave them their third dragon for free. By this point, H2K was clearly intimated and frightened of their snowballing opponents. A telling difference was between the two ADCs: Origen's Vayne was 5/0/6 while H2K's Sivir was 2/4/1 at the 25 minute mark.

Origen took the Baron after punishing an interrupting Loulex. Ahead in every possible way, with the kill score at 17-4, Origen pulled down turret after turret and broke into the enemy base with a destroyed bottom inhibitor less than 27 minutes in. They didn't think about backing off, instead transitioning into the midlane and drawing in H2K for an epic final fight.

Less than 28 minutes into the game, Origen shot down three H2K players. While the two remaining opponents ran hopelessly back to their home base, Origen cracked a second inhibitor and blew up the nexus.

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