ROCCAT win late game over Gambit Gaming

by theScore Staff May 29 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of EU LCS / Youtube

Team ROCCAT fought tooth and nail to defeat against Gambit Gaming on Friday.

The advantage seesawed between the two teams in the early and mid game, resulting in a match that was way too close to call until a late snowball by ROCCAT, who got three Barons by the game's end.

Bans focused exclusively on junglers and AD Carries, with Gragas, Rek'Sai, Sejuani, Lucian, Urgot and Kalista taken away. ROCCAT quickly took Azir, leading Gambit to pick Thresh and Viktor. Gambit kept going with their less-than-five-per-cent-pick-rate champions, selecting Jax and Volibear (also Ezreal, but his pick rate is 13 percent). ROCCAT's lineup was more standard, with Maokai, Lee Sin, Kog'Maw and Alistar.

The oddity of Gambit picks aside, the team's Volibear actually got First Blood against Maokai in the top lane quite early.

In the seventh minute, ROCCAT got a kill in the top lane but Gambit regained their early lead with a kill in bottom and an uncontested first dragon. Neither team showed any respect for the laning phase. Gambit got a second kill against the enemy Maokai in the top lane, before ROCCAT traded two for one in the bottom at the turn of the 12 minute.

Two minutes later, ROCCAT finally equaled the kill score with a kill against Betsy (the enemy Victor), then dove under the bottom turret to snag another kill and destroy the first turret of the game. Though ROCCAT snowballed into taking their first dragon, Gambit came in at the last second to get a kill, then raided the jungle to regain the kill lead at 6-5. In the midlane, the teams traded one for one as the midgame inched closer.

In the 18 and 20 minutes, with the lead seesawing again and again, ROCCAT got three additional kills to move the kill score to 9-7, which Gambit tried to answer by destroying three turrets (compared to ROCCAT's one). Without any response from their opponents, ROCCAT took a second dragon.

At the 25 minute mark, avoiding blue wards effectively, Gambit started on the Baron. But ROCCAT came just in time and managed to steal the Baron at the last second.

ROCCAT also got a kill close to the pit, officially putting them ahead of their opponents with two dragons (versus one), a Baron, 10 kills (versus seven) and five turrets (versus four) 27 minutes into the game.

A couple minutes later, Gambit made the huge mistake of initiating a fight after trying to chase Jankos, which ended in a four for one in favor of ROCCAT — giving them a third dragon.

ROCCAT fearlessly dove into the Baron pit 32 minutes in, and though Gambit rushed up the river, the purple monster was slain just in time. ROCCAT came out ahead in the ensuing fight, killing two and losing one.

With ROCCAT ahead 6k in gold and by two turrets, the teams engaged in a base race that gave Gambit absolutely nothing. Having to recall to base after ROCCAT shattered the top inhibitor (before they could get even a tower), Gambit managed to push back their opponents just in time. The kill score at 18-10, ROCCAT came knocking at the enemy door again 36 minutes in and got a second inhibitor.

Shifting down to get the third inhibitor, ROCCAT was punished for their impatience after a messy fight gave Gambit a three for one trade. Slowing the game down with the kill score at 19-13, the remaining ROCCAT players turned around to get a fourth dragon.

As the Baron respawned again, ROCCAT caught Diamondprox alone in the jungle, then jumped into the pit to get their third Baron before killing two opponents who were looking to interrupt. Making the final push, ROCCAT destroyed the respawned top inhibitor and secured the enemy nexus in almost 41 minutes.

Farnia Fekri is a staff writer for theScore eSports. You can follow her on Twitter.