Fnatic win close game against SK Gaming

by theScore Staff May 29 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of EU LCS / Youtube

After a long 44 minute, Fnatic managed to rise above SK Gaming on Friday.

Both team compositions were really strong, with Rekkles picking Ashe for the second time this season while SK's Svenskeren chose Nidalee against a Rek'Sai.

SK Gaming scored First Blood against Febiven by closing in on him from all sides before the minions spawned.

Fnatic took the first uncontested dragon four minutes into the match, while each team destroyed a turret each. Two minutes later, both groups forced another turret down, then continued to farm with small bouts of aggression.

Mirroring what they subjected Febiven to, SK closed in on Reignover in the river to prison him within the empty dragon pit, getting their second unanswered kill.

Looking for their second dragon, Fnatic had to back off as their opponents came in to object. They circled back around to meet SK, who went after Febivan and snowballed into a fight that gave them a three for one, then extended into the jungle to make it a four for one.

Another one for one in the upper jungle left the kill score still in SK's favor at 7-2, then 7-3 as Fnatic closed the gold gap.

SK grabbed their second dragon at the turn of the 19 minute without contest from Fnatic. The teams entered into the midgame without much action, with SK ahead in every objective but behind in CS overall.

In the 21 minute, a long fight in the midlane gave Fnatic a nice snowball that gifted them a three for one trade and equaled the destroyed turrets (three each). Now slightly ahead in gold, Fnatic was only two kills behind their opponents with six kills on the board (compared to SK's eight).

With 24 minutes on the clock, nRated's amazing Tempered Fate initiated a fight in front of the Baron that gave each team a kill. Fnatic managed to peel back just in time, but SK moved down to secure the objective advantage by getting their third dragon.

Moving in for the Baron, Fnatic got a kill close to the pit which gave them the confidence to dive right in. Killing the monster, they caught Fox off guard to even up the kill score at 9-9. They even managed to get down a fifth turret (versus SK's four), before backing off to shop with a 6k gold lead thanks in part to the fact that every Fnatic player was ahead in CS (junglers 137-85, midlaners 277-248, supports 35-8) at the 30 minute mark.

With dragons respawned, the teams met at the pit. After Fnatic slayed the dragon (their second, denying SK their fourth), they turned around to score a three for one that took the kill score to 12-10 in favor of Fnatic.

Two minutes later, SK gave up another two kills in an extended team fight that allowed Fnatic to barrel down the midlane to get a sixth turret.

SK got a free kill, then went after the Baron. Though they killed the monster, they gave their opponents a cool, almost easy ace in the 25 minute.

Fnatic used their time to take down two red inhibitors as the clock ticked closer to the late game with the kill score at 19-13 for Fnatic. The team killed their third dragon, ahead 9k in gold, then went up the bottom lane to target the last inhibitor (unsuccessfully).

The two downed red inhibitors respawned after the 41 minute, threatening to slow the pace of the game as SK managed to push back minion waves from their base. Dancing around the Baron, Fnatic managed to get a kill against the enemy, then took their second Baron, and engage in a team fight that left them with their second ace of the game as well as their second consecutive win of the Summer Split.

Farnia Fekri is a staff writer for theScore eSports. She wishes she had bet everything she owned on Rekkles in fantasy. You can follow her on Twitter.