Team Liquid defeats Team Dragon Knights for first Summer Split win

by theScore Staff May 30 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of NALCS / Youtube

Team Liquid came out victorious after a 44-minute game against Team Dragon Knights on Saturday.

Due to filling out their Visa applications late, Team Dragon Knights were forced to deal with the huge disadvantage of playing with three subs (in mid, ADC and support). They also lost all three of their champion bans.

Disadvantages aside, an early and unexpected gank by TDK in the bottom lane gave the team First Blood, and saw their Thresh remain miraculously alive.

TDK got their second unanswered kill seven minutes in, this time in the mid lane. Two minutes later, they managed to get yet another kill by diving under a red turret, but then gave a triple kill to a teleporting Quas to equalize the kill score 3-3.

Neither team got more kills in the laning phase, when TDK took a free first dragon, but with little physical damage in their lineup and builds, TDK started to show weakness against the enemy. After the 15-minute mark, Team Liquid used this advantage to get two kills and take the score to 5-3, while also shattering their second turret.

Two minutes later, the groups traded one-for-one in the bottom lane, then poked each other through the jungle to initiate another fight that resulted in a two-for-two (after Quas managed to get a kill while being attacked by three opponents).

The kill score favoring Team Liquid at 8-6, the group got its first dragon uncontested, then used the next few minutes to gain a CS advantage for everyone but their jungler.

Team Liquid started up their second dragon, and managed to hold off an interrupting TDK group long enough to secure the buff. After Quas landed a four-man Gnar ultimate, Team Liquid managed to get four kills.

They used the momentum to run up the river and kill Baron. With the kill score at 12-6, Team Liquid grabbed their sixth turret (versus three), a third dragon (versus one), a Baron and an 8k gold lead by the 35-minute mark.

Meeting their opponents in front of the second live Baron (which Team Liquid secured), the group again used their amazing Gnar ultimate to win an epic battle that gave Piglet (on Kalista) a Quadra Kill.

Team Liquid destroyed the mid inhibitor, putting themselves well ahead, then backed off only to push down the top lane and get a second inhibitor. At the turn of the 40-minute mark, with the kill score at 17-6, Team Liquid used their minion wave to push for the last inhibitor. But TDK was definitely going to defend, and ended up initiating a fight to trade four-for-one.

Team Liquid grabbed a fourth dragon in the meantime, roamed the jungle, then started on their third Baron. TDK came in to interrupt but couldn't, and gave up this amazing ace which allowed Team Liquid to end the game before 44 minutes had passed.

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