Counter Logic Gaming do not lose a single turret in win over Dignitas

by theScore Staff May 30 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of NALCS / Youtube

In a controlled 32-minute game, Counter Logic Gaming came out strong against Team Dignitas on Saturday, winning the match without losing a single turret.

There was not much early game action as CLG took the upper hand in the laning phase through a slight but consistent CS advantage. First Blood was finally shed 14 minutes in, when CLG killed Kalista in the bottom lane.

DIG answered almost immediately in the mid lane, with a two-man gank against Pobelter. They also moved down the river to interrupt CLG's dragon ambitions, instead securing the buff for themselves while CLG destroyed a second (unanswered) turret.

Before the turn of the 20-minute mark, Doublelift managed to land an amazing Enchanted Crystal Arrow that helped CLG get two mid lane turrets. CLG used their momentum to push down the top lane, killing the enemy Sejuani which allowed them to take another two turrets, then an inhibitor only 22 minutes in.

But the inhibitor might have been too ambitious, letting DIG initiate a fight that traded one-for-one and forced the opponents to retreat. CLG moved into the jungle but didn't recall, unfortunately for DIG, and managed to get one more kill to move the kill score to 5-2, then 6-2 thanks to a kill in the bottom lane.

At the turn of the 25 minute, CLG secured their first dragon, then moved up the bottom lane to get the only remaining outer turret. A defensive fight gave CLG a two-for-one, and the kill score at 8-3, the team melted the tower.

Just before the 28 minute, CLG slayed the Baron before roaming into the upper jungle. While DIG desperately tried to clear minion waves, knowing a fight in their base was inevitable, CLG recalled for a final shopping spree before moving into the top lane to break the base again after getting three kills.

Super minions dealing lots of damage but fading quickly, CLG scored another kill before backing off to get their second dragon and clear minion waves. They came up the bottom lane for the final push, killing four, destroying the second inhibitor and winning the game in 32 minutes without losing a single inhibitor.

Farnia Fekri is a staff writer for theScore eSports. She absolutely loves the whole "Baron Nashor" + "Roshan" sideplot between LoL and Dota2. You can follow her on Twitter.