Team Impulse punches down Team 8 in first Summer Split victory

by theScore Staff May 30 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of NALCS / Youtube

In a very strong start to the NA LCS Summer Split, Team Impulse won their opening game against Team 8 Saturday.

There were a lot of aggressive pokes in the early game that almost shed First Blood. Team 8 were aggressive in the early game, making intimidating, near-suicidal solo plays before the five-minute mark had even passed. Still, it was another five minutes before Team Impulse finally scored First Blood.

A few seconds later, a fight in the jungle put Team 8 on the board with a one-for-one trade. In the bottom lane, two kills pulled the score 5-1 in TIP's favor. The teams later traded turrets, but with Team 8's only advantage being an early dragon, the scales were slowly tilting in TIP's favor.

With their early aggressive plays all but forgotten, Team 8 backed off while TIP got their first dragon and established great vision control.

In the 18th minute, TIP managed to get an easy kill close to the river, then retreated before initiating a fight in the bottom jungle that backfired spectacularly, giving TIP three kills and Team 8 an ace (thanks to their angry Mega Gnar).

A fight in the mid lane allowed TIP to prevent Team 8 from pulling off a come back, letting them take four kills and only give up one. They immediately ran up the river to slay a free Baron, before recalling. Trying to get something in return, Team 8 went in for their second dragon but overstayed their welcome and gave up an ace (as well as the dragon itself) for it. Yes, an ace for a dragon.

With the kill score at 18-7 and 27 minutes on the clock, TIP knocked at Team 8's door before backing up to snag jungle buffs. Team 8 managed to defend their base and try to save their jungle in the next couple minutes, while TIP took a third dragon then secured another uncontested Baron.

Pools of purple minions powering through the lanes with 32 minutes on the timer, TIP moved down the mid lane to punish their overextending enemies with four kills, a destroyed inhibitor and a shattered nexus.

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