Enemy eSports gets three aces; defeat Gravity in LCS debut

by theScore Staff May 30 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of NALCS / Youtube

Enemy eSports notched three aces to help them defeat Gravity Gaming Saturday. The game, which lasted more than 42 minutes, seesawed between the two teams until the very last fight.

In-between seasons, Gravity lost Saintvicious and Cop (who is now in a managerial position), as the veteran jungler and AD Carry were replaced by Move and Altec respectively. On Saturday, they faced a relatively new team that snagged a spot in the Summer Split through the challenger series.

In the pick and bans phase, NME prioritized an extremely tanky, team-fight focused lineup, taking Rumble and Sejuani, which Gravity responded to with (smite-teleport) Hecarim and Nunu.

Gravity managed to get First Blood five minutes into the match, but Enemey immediately answered with a kill against their Fizz to even up the score.

The teams traded one-for-one again six minutes later, while NME took a slight CS advantage. But Gravity managed to get an edge by getting two more (separate) kills, then moving down for the first dragon. However, NME met them at the pit to take an equalizing two kills and a favorable dragon.

More than 22 minutes passed without much more action, with the teams very equal in all ways except for Gravity knocking down all outer turrets while NME failed to destroy any towers. Less than two minutes later, NME grabbed their second dragon without any protest from their opponents.

The next altercation happened in the upper jungle, where the teams traded another one-for-one. Gravity finally managed to get an extra kill in the top lane, 29 minutes in, which gave them enough confidence to attempt to take the Baron. But this was a giant mistake, letting NME kill BunnyFuFuu, which started an epic team fight that saw Gravity almost get an ace and then, thanks to a teleport by Flaresz, NME score an ace instead (kill score going from 6-5 Gravity to 10-9 NME).

NME tried to use the momentum to to get a third dragon, but Gravity showed up to disturb their ambitions and get four kills for none (taking the kill score 13-11). This time, Gravity claimed Baron without any contest — except Move died to the monster. In the meantime, NME secured their third dragon.

After the 35-minute mark, NME initiated a fight in the top lane that gave Gravity four kills — including a triple kill to Altec — and an inhibitor, at the cost of one player. But NME managed to make a slight come back by pushing down the mid and top lanes to establish their dominance in a fight and get two turrets.

Another epic team fight in the 38 minute gave NME a second ace, though the kill score was still for Gravity at 19-17. NME swaggered down the midlane to get the inhibitor, but didn't take the chance of taking the nexus and instead settled for securing their fourth dragon. Gravity tried to respond by rushing into the Baron pit, but backed off when NME showed up.

The 40-minute mark welcomed the late game in a very close match as the downed NME inhibitor respawned. The teams met for their last fight close to the mid lane in a faceoff that Gravity forcefully initiated, in which NME expertly traded two-for-four, then chased the only remaining opponent (the Sivir) all the way to the base to get their third ace of the game.

In the 42 minute, with the kill score favoring them at 22-21, NME finally shattered the blue nexus to get their first Summer Split win.

Farnia Fekri is a staff writer for theScore eSports. She has had the gravity knocked out from under her. You can follow her on Twitter.