Riot Games fines MeetYourMakers €5,000 for Kori incident

by Matt Demers Feb 12 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Logos / MYM

Riot Games have announced that they will be fining MeetYourMakers €5,000 for "unprofessional behavior" due to their role in the handling of Marcin “Kori” Wolski's contract issues from earlier in the split.

The news, which was broken by DailyDot earlier this week, reported that MYM's manager Sebastian Rotterdam had threatened the player's family with legal action following Wolski's sudden departure from the team. Wolski had broken his contract by leaving the team prior to the start of the Spring Split of the European LCS; MeetYourMakers fielded a substitute in his absence.

Wolski then approached Riot with a recorded phone call of Rotterdam threatening both him and his family with legal action. Riot stated that despite the fact that "teams and players are ultimately responsible for navigating their own contractual relationships" they have a "zero tolerance for intimidation of players within an LCS organization." Rotterdam has been banned indefinitely from participating as a player or management with any organization in the LCS.

Riot also provided some clarification to a parallel narrative that emerged during the story, as Wolski had claimed that he was withheld payment from his time as an LCS player. It was found that this applied to his team's previous organization, Supa Hot Crew, who transferred ownership of the roster to MYM before the start of the Spring Split. 

Riot confirmed that MYM had not withheld any payment, and Wolski's lack of money from SHC stemmed from his failure to provide requested tax documentation.

While MeetYourMakers confirmed that they fired Rotterdam following the incident, Riot chose to fine the team regardless; they stated that the team is to be held accountable for the treatment of Wolski by management. MYM will also keep their LCS spot, despite calls from the community to remove them, with Riot finding that they had taken adequate action to rectify the problems with their organization. 

They also indicated that any further violations may put that spot in jeopardy.

In explaining their methodology for the fining, Jason 'jasonoliver' Yeh stated:

We know this fine may not satisfy those hoping for a harsher punishment for MYM, but there’s some important context as to how we reached this amount. In deciding the severity of the fine we took several factors into account. Primarily, we considered the fact that Rotterdam’s actions - and MYM’s failure to protect players from them - created an unprofessional work environment for the team. We also took into account the fact that MYM acted decisively to remove Rotterdam from the organization once the full facts of his behavior had come to light. Lastly, although it in no way justifies threats or intimidation, we also considered when deciding on a punishment the fact that Wolski appeared to break a commitment to a team, which put not only his career but those of his teammates in jeopardy.

Wolski has since rejoined MeetYourMakers, and competes for them in the mid lane.

Matt Demers is a Toronto eSports journalist and is the Supervising Editor at theScore eSports. You can follow him on Twitter.