Team Liquid defeats Team 8 in tightly contested match

by theScore Staff May 31 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of NALCS / Youtube

Team Liquid handed Team 8 their second Summer Split loss in a team-fight focused match that lasted 41-minutes on Sunday.

Though Team 8 showed themselves to be the more aggressive and risky group at first, Team Liquid managed to make a solid come back after the 30-minute mark.

In the pick and bans phase, both teams prioritized team fights by going with AoE champions.

The first few minutes of the game saw the groups trading punches without much result. The laning phase gave Team Liquid a slight CS advantage, with the exception of their AD Carry, who was behind 20 CS by the 7 minute. A minute later, a three-man gank in the mid lane gave Team 8 the gold and glory of First Blood.

Aside from that, the early game progressed without much more action until the turn of the 15 minute, when Team Liquid secured a free dragon. Team 8 managed to grab another kill in an exchange in the top lane, where they also managed to destroy a turret. Switching their attention to the bottom lane, Team 8 initiated an extended fight that ended in their favor after another turret and a four-for-two trade.

Team Liquid answered with an ambitious turret dive in the mid lane, where they managed to get two kills (the score was still against them at 4-6) and their first tower. Team 8 was undeterred, transitioning down to get their first uncontested dragon 21 minutes into the game. Another aggressive collapse onto three opponents gave Team 8 a kill in the top lane, then a one-for-one trade in mid. The kill score at 8-5, Team 8 took their third turret after punishing Team Liquid for timidity and several unsuccessful disengages.

At the 25-minute mark, Team 8 used their confidence in another aggressive play that gave them two more kills. They then moved into the mid lane, where they actually overreached to give up a double kill without taking anything, but still maintained their lead at 10-7.

Team 8 obtained their second dragon buff before pushing down mid, where they didn't managed to wreak much havoc thanks to the good positioning of Team Liquid. At the turn of the 30-minute mark, the teams were dancing around the Baron pit, where Team Liquid initiated a fight that ended in their favor after a three-for-two trade.

Team 8 answered with an easy kill in the river, before meeting their enemies in the mid lane where Team Liquid got three free, equalizing kills and rushed in for an uncontested Baron. This was the turning point for Team Liquid, who recalled to shop after catching the enemy jungler in front of the pit, officially snagging the lead with the kill score at 14-13 about 33 minutes in.

Their early game fright all but forgotten, Team Liquid marked their territory in the river to get a free second dragon, before moving up the bottom lane to equalize the turret count at 4-4. With their Rumble split-pushing in the top lane, Team Liquid poked at the bottom inhibitor turret while purple minions crashed into enemy towers.

Team 8 initiated a fight close to the enemy base in the mid lane but choked, burning under Quas' flame and giving up four kills — as well as a second inhibitor.

A final fight in the top lane allowed Team Liquid to move in after a three-for-two trade, closing the game with the kill score at 22-15 and 41 minutes on the clock.

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