Team Dignitas deny Cloud9 all objectives to get first Summer Split win

by theScore Staff May 31 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of NALCS / Youtube

Cloud9 were caught off-guard by an aggressive Team Dignitas, who denied them all objectives en route to a 34 minutes win on Sunday.

Team Dignitas lost their game against Counter Logic Gaming on Day 1 of the NA LCS Summer Split, while Cloud9 defeated Team SoloMid. But DIG absolutely controlled their second Summer Split game, ending the match with four dragons, two Barons and 16 kills to C9's four.

Cloud9 allowed their new mid laner, Incarnati0n, to pick up Kog'Maw as he did in his first LCS game on Saturday.

Thanks to the comfort pick of Zac for Azingy, Team Dignitas managed a successful gank in the top lane before the turn of the fourth minute to shed First Blood against Cloud9's Sneaky.

Two minutes later, a repeat gank against Sneaky gave DIG another kill for a slight gold lead. Cloud9 tried to respond by taking an early dragon, but Azingy fearlessly jumped into the pit to interrupt. The teams traded one-for-one in the river, but DIG managed a beautiful dragon steal to pull themselves further ahead.

DIG got another kill to take the score to 4-1 at the 10-minute mark, then shattered their first turret in the bottom lane. In the top lane, Meteos tried to catch his opponents off guard but ended up initiating a fight that gave up two more kills. Now ahead 6-1 with an early 4k gold lead, DIG destroyed their second turret and established great vision control in the jungle.

While Azingy got the team's second free dragon, DIG overextended in the mid lane with a three-man turret dive that got them a kill but lost a champion to the tower. At the turn of the 16 minute, they killed Incarnati0n again in the mid lane to make the kill score 8-2 and get a third (free) tower.

Clutching at any plays that could bring back the game for them, Cloud9 was swatted away by their opponents in several initiations at the turn of the 20-minute mark. Behind 6k in gold, they farmed and raided the jungle while DIG slayed a third uncontested dragon, which Cloud9 didn't manage to trade anything for.

The groups met behind the Baron pit to trade one-for-one, leading DIG to chase their enemies back to the base before turning around to kill Baron. Having denied Cloud9 every single objective, DIG was ahead 8k in gold at the 25-minute mark.

Two minutes later, DIG quickly got their fourth (free) dragon before pushing into the mid lane, then going to the top to get a three-for-one trade as well as the inhibitor.

With the kill score at 13-4, the 30-minute mark saw Azingy (Zac) with a 4/0/5 KDA and CoreJJ (Kalista) at 3/1/7. As DIG was taking their second Baron, Cloud9 met them behind the pit in a disappointing fight that ended after they gave up two kills. Team Dignitas broke into the enemy base again to get the two remaining inhibitors and their ninth turret.

Making the final push, DIG came in for the nexus turrets and ended the game at the turn of the 34 minute.

Farnia Fekri is a staff writer for theScore eSports. She wonders: if a team loses without getting any objectives, does anybody hear them fall? You can follow Farnia on Twitter.