Counter Logic Gaming defeats Team Impulse in a brawl-filled match

by theScore Staff May 31 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of NALCS / Youtube

In a 39-minute game that ended 28-14, Counter Logic Gaming managed to snag their second win of the NA Summer Split with a victory over Team Impulse.

First Blood went to CLG before the turn of the sixth minute, where players met in the top lane in a fight that ended in a two-for-one in favor of CLG.

A great move by Rush's Evelynn left the kill score equal, before an extended fight that moved from in front of the Baron pit to the mid lane gave TIP the lead at 5-4. Their lead grew after a four-man turret dive in the bottom lane killed CLG's AD Carry, who was 3/3/1 at this time on his Kalista.

Team Impulse used their momentum to get a free dragon at the 12 minute mark, but CLG managed to answer back with the first destroyed tower of the game. At the 15-minute mark, TIP gave up a kill but traded it for a turret.

With the kill score at 6-5, the teams were almost even heading into the mid game. CLG started to play more defensively, backing off and staying safe while waiting for their champions to bulk up with levels and items.

CLG secured their first dragon while TIP watched, then punished their opponents when, at the turn of the 20-minute mark, TIP overextended to deal damage to the top Tier 1 turret, leading CLG to regain their lead with three free kills that made the score 8-6.

Two minutes later, the teams met again in a close fight in the jungle that traded four-for-three in favor of CLG.

Still fighting a fairly even game by the 25-minute mark, TIP tried to close the small gap by taking a second uncontested dragon, a second turret (compared to CLG's three) and another kill. But TIP, while attacking the top inhibitor turret, responded with a kill before engaging in a fight in the mid lane that gave them a nice three-for-one trade.

The kill score remained 16-11 in favor of CLG at the turn of the 30-minute mark, when the teams started to ward around the purple monster. CLG then pushed into the mid lane, getting a double kill for Doublelift before moving in for Baron. They caught the enemy midlaner off-guard and took down TIP's Impact to take the kill score up to 20-11, but had to give up their purple ambitions due to low health bars.

TIP traded the recent deaths for a third uncontested dragon and a fifth turret.

Poked away from the Baron pit yet again by a peeling TIP squad, CLG instead moved down the mid lane to get a tower before moving back to start on Baron. TIP was late to interrupt, letting CLG get the buff, before getting stuck in a fight that gave up four kills for none.

CLG ran down the top lane to get an inhibitor and a nexus turret, but had to back off as their opponents respawned. They were still a bit too late, as the enemy Hecarim chased them through the jungle to get a kill — but the score was still doubly in favor of CLG at 24-12.

With 38 minutes on the clock, CLG broke into the enemy base again to get the mid inhibitor. In the last fight of the game, TIP tried to defend but was beaten back in a two-for-four trade. The only remaining TIP member, XiaoWeiXiao, desperately tried to defend the nexus but was killed in the attempt, giving CLG an ace and the 28-14 victory in 39 minutes.

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