Team SoloMid get first Summer win in close game against Enemy eSports

by theScore Staff May 31 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of NALCS / Youtube

Team SoloMid managed to pull ahead of Enemy eSports in what started as a roller coaster game on Sunday.

The second last match of Day 2 of the NA LCS Summer Split saw the lead yo-yo between the groups in the early game, but with TSM playing a more team-fight focused and late-game comp, they finally took the lead after the 30-minute mark.

The game started without much action, except for early jungle camp domination by NME. The group was more aggressive in the laning phase, when they shed First Blood against Bjergsen in the mid lane thanks to an excellent hide-in-the-fog play by Flaresz.

TSM traded the death for a Tier 1 turret in the bottom lane, where they pushed back an over-ambitious NME group before looping into the river for a free dragon at the 10-minute mark.

A two-man turret dive onto Flaresz evened up the kill score (1-1), giving TSM a slight gold lead. Consistently ahead in CS, TSM started to look more confident and establish better vision in the jungle. But NME closed the gold gap by getting a kill against an overextending WildTurtle and destroying their first turret. TSM continued the action in the top lane, where they evened up the kill score again (2-2), then traded one-for-one in the bottom lane before chasing down Otter for the advantage. The fight was not yet over in the bottom lane, where NME again evened up the kill score 4-4 by chasing down WildTurtle's Sivir before the turn of the 16 minute.

A few seconds later, Dyrus went down in the top lane and with the lead swinging between the two groups, gave the edge to NME.

TSM went in for their second dragon after the 17 minute, taking it for free. Heading into the midgame, the groups continued to poke at each other and farm, evening up the gold, before TSM leveled the kills (again) at 5-5. Seconds later, NME got another kill against Dyrus, but TSM traded it for a fourth turret (versus two).

Trying to deny TSM the third dragon, NME started on the monster but hesitated when their opponents came rushing in. Santorin managed to pull off an amazing smite, getting TSM the third dragon.

In the post-dragon team fight, the teams traded one-for-one, but TSM got a kill in the bottom lane a minute later to even up the kill score 7-7. The groups traded another one-for-one in the mid lane before TSM snagged another kill, pulling the kill score to 9-8 in their favor.

Ahead 4k in gold by the 30-minute mark, TSM was slowly but surely stacking objectives as they started on their fourth (and uncontested) dragon. NME took the risk of starting on Baron, inviting an inevitable fight that gave up two fights and the opportunity at Baron. NME teleported in to interrupt, but TSM blew up at their opponents to take an ace-for-two in this beautiful battle.

Now definitely ahead (14-10 kills, 5-2 turrets, four dragons, a baron and 8k gold), TSM was knocking at the enemy door 34 minutes into the game. They picked up four kills and the bottom inhibitor, then closed out the game in convincing fashion ahead of the 35-minute mark.

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