Gravity net first Summer win in seesawing match against Team Dragon Knights

by theScore Staff May 31 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of NALCS / Youtube

Gravity Gaming managed to win a close 42-minute game against Team Dragon Knights to get their first NA LCS Summer Split victory on Sunday.

Like most of the games on Day 2 of the split, the lead swung back and forth between the two groups in the mid and late game, before being decided by a favorable team fight.

Gravity started on an early dragon 7 minutes in, when Move (on Lee Sin) soloed the monster. In the laning phase, Gravity showed themselves to be the more aggressive group, poking threateningly before the 10-minute mark. But TDK nursed a slight CS advantage in the early game, which game them a small gold lead.

In the 12 minute, capitalizing on the absence of Gravity bottom laners, TDK pushed in to get the first turret of the game. Wanting to gank onto them from behind, Gravity initiated the fight that gave the First Blood to their opponents but also got them a kill.

After the 15-minute mark, Gravity confidently dove under a mid lane turret to get their first tower, then flash-initiated to get another kill against TDK before rushing down the river for their second uncontested dragon.

Another kill in the bottom lane (leaving the score at 3-1) left Gravity take a second turret, giving them an advantage going into the midgame. Equal in turrets but ahead in every other objective, Gravity recalled to shop before establishing great vision control in the jungle.

In the top lane, a Gravity initiation gave the team a two-for-one trade but saw TDK answer by destroying the mid lane outer turret. Trying to deny Gravity their third, TDK secured their first dragon, then punished their interrupting opponents with an easy kill. Gravity clutched onto their slight lead, however, fighting to defend their bottom turret with everything they had.

With 28 minutes on the clock and their enemies in the river, Gravity started on the dragon but had to stop when TDK engaged in a fight that became an equalizer, giving TDK a three-for-one, which they turned into a downed mid turret and their second dragon.

Now ahead in turrets (4-3) and gold, while equal in all other objectives, TDK started to pull ahead just slightly after the 32 minute. But Gravity had other plans, collapsing onto Seraph to get a kill in the top lane, then going into the Baron pit to start a fight that gave them a second kill, making the score 8-6 for Gravity.

The game was still very close at the 35-minute mark, when Gravity moved in for the dragon but ended up giving up a kill to TDK, who used the momentum to get their third dragon. They rushed up for the Baron but were stopped by a fight that ended up giving them an equalizer (8-8).

The two groups repeatedly attacked, retreated from and defended the Baron, until an extended fight gave Gravity an ace-for-one which they turned into securing the Baron buff as well as a sixth turret.

The kill score (13-9), turret count (6-4), an inhibitor and a 5k gold lead on their side, Gravity started to split push with their powerful purple minions. In the enemy base at the turn of the 42 minute, Gravity traded three for one, then lost another player before finishing the game at 16-11.

Farnia Fekri is a staff writer for theScore eSports. She misses the Cop and BunnyFuFuu duo. You can follow her on Twitter.