Giants Gaming hand Elements second loss of the summer season

by theScore Staff Jun 4 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

Giants Gaming easily defeated Elements in the first match of Week 2, by utilizing a heavy early game pressure lineup to near perfection.

The early game was extremely action packed as both teams were willing to brawl. The Giants secured First Blood just four minutes into the game with Fr3deric starting off the early game aggression by killing jwaow in the top lane. The Giants continued to be aggressive, leading to a slight 3-2 kill score advantage by 10 minutes.

Extreme aggression from the Giants continued into the mid game. A huge fight ensued in the middle lane when PePiiNeRo aggressively went into a two versus two against Froggen and Dexter. The ensuing fight lead to multiple teleports and roams from the the bottom lane but, the fight eventually ended in a four-four-one for the Giants.

The Giants leveraged this team fight win to take down global objectives, successfully down all of the Elements' Tier 1 turrets by 18 minutes, after a long siege around the middle Tier 1 ended in a massive triple kill for PePiiNeRo.

The pace of the game slowed down after the final outer turret fell, as Elements went into full on defense and the pace of the game would not pick up again until the Giants team forced their way into the top side jungle.

The Giants moved to the top side, forcing Elements to react to the inevitable threat of Baron. When Elements moved out, the Giants dove past several members to initiate a fight and came away with three kills.

With three kills in the bag, the Giants secured Baron and used that to take the bottom Tier 2 turret, their third dragon, and eventually the middle inhibitor.

Shortly after the inhibitor fell in the middle lane, PePiiNeRo secured his second triple kill of the game, opening up the map for his team to take a second Baron. There was no turning back from there, as the Giants closed out the rest game with ease.

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