Fnatic defeat ROCCAT; remain perfect in season

by theScore Staff Jun 4 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

Fnatic secured their third straight win of the season, defeating Team ROCCAT in a 40 minute brawl on Thursday.

The early game was dominated by ROCCAT's Jankos continuously pestering Huni in the top lane. He helped secure First Blood for Steve just four minutes into the game and transitioned this aggression in to an early 2-5 kill score lead.

Although Huni was the focus of ROCCAT's aggression, he would not be shut down, absolutely blowing up Steve in the top lane around nine minutes into the game!

The kill gave Huni confidence on new Ryze and he began taking over the mid game. He continued to bully his lane matchup reversing an early game 1-2 score to 4-3 by 15 minutes.

Fnatic utilized this advantage in the to plane to take control of the global objectives around the rest of the map. By 22 minutes they secured all of the ROCCAT outer turrets, the bottom Tier 2 turret and the Baron buff as well.

As soon as the Baron buff fell, Fnatic made an aggressive move to secure vision deep inside the red side jungle but ROCCAT were waiting for their opponents inside a brush for a surprise gank. The brush gank was a huge success as they came away with an ace!

The ace was a surprising turn of events but Fnactic were confident in their power spike and moved down the middle lane to aggressively siege the middle Tier 2. This decision was a huge mistake as ROCCAT secured a second ace in a row under their own turret.

With two straight fights going their way ROCCAT leveraged this advantage to force a fight around the dragon pit at 28 minutes into the game. Fnatic this time were not over aggressive in their movements and properly fought ROCCAT in a chock point to come away with the two-for-zero.

As soon as the fight ended, Fnatic took their second Baron buff of the game and this time, they patiently sieged down turrets, taking down the middle inhibitor turret by 32 minutes.

Fnatic went on to easily close out the game from there, securing their third Baron buff before ending the game at just over 40 minutes.

Paul Park is a writer for theScore eSports. You can follow him on Twitter.