H2k Gaming hand Gambit Gaming their third straight loss

by theScore Staff Jun 4 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

Gambit Gaming were handed their third straight loss this season by H2k Gaming on Thursday. To say Gambit are struggling to find their rhythm would be an understatement, as they were completely crushed by H2k.

The early game went to H2k as they secured First Blood in the bottom lane to take advantage of an extremely immobile Ashe pick. The early game aggression was continuously put onto the bottom lane with ganks from loulex while Hjarnan focused on fast pushing turrets.

With all of their early game aggression and fast pushing, H2k got out to a massive lead. They ballooned their gold lead to 5k by taking down every Gambit Tier 1 turret along with a massive 5-2 kill score lead.

Gambit made a slight come back with a team fight going their way around their bottom Tier 1 turret but it was only a minor set back for H2k. There was nothing Gambit could do to stop the aggression and H2k once again, took a fight in the middle lane thanks to a Hjarnan triple kill.

After the triple kill, H2k secured Baron with Gambit unable to contest the buff without being completely annihilated. With the buff, H2k wiped out their opponents again in several scattered fights and took the middle inhibitor.

With their base slowly being torn apart, Gambit were forced into a major fight around the bottom lane inhibitor but were easily aced, letting H2k end the game at 30 minutes.

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