Origen remain perfect; defeat SK Gaming

by theScore Staff Jun 4 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

Rookie team Origen kept their perfect record intact, defeating SK Gaming on Thursday. Niels was an absolute menace on Urgot, leading his team with a final score of 14/1/18.

The action kicked off with First Blood going to Niels in the top lane four minutes into the game. The kill was a huge advantage for Origen as the kill gave Niels the blue buff for limitless harass on Urgot. The massive flurry of Acid Hunters put freddy122 severely behind early.

The game continued to slide in favor of Origen in the mid game. They took down the top and bottom Tier 1 turrets and rotated to the middle lane where a huge fight ensued. The exchange ultimately ended in a massive three-for-one for Origen.

The fight solidified Origen's lead and they went on to pushing down the last standing Tier 1 turret. Soon after the final SK Tier 1 turret fell, Origen forced SK to contest them at the dragon pit around 20 minutes into the game. The ensuing team fight once again went to Origen, and they pushed down the middle Tier 2.

There was no breathing room for SK after the turret fell. Origen took complete control of vision around the map and eventually baited SK over to the Baron pit where they took four kills. With four down, Fox could do nothing but watch as Origen secured Baron.

With Origen empowered by Baron, there was no coming back for SK. Origen opened up the SK base by taking down the middle inhibitor by 28 minutes and took their second Baron of the game by 34 minutes.

Origen casually closed out the game from there, ending SK's misery by 39 minutes.

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