Unicorns of Love crush Copenhagen Wolves; improve to 2-1

by theScore Staff Jun 4 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

The Unicorns of Love absolutely demolished the Copenhagen Wolves in 27 minutes to take home the final game of Week 2, Day 1. With the win, the Unicorns improve to a 2-1 record in the EU LCS.

The early game action kicked off with both teams opting into a lane swap to fast push turrets, eventually trading top and bottom turrets before five minutes into the game. Just a minute after the turrets fell, Airwaks made the first aggressive move into the top lane to gank an over-extended Vardags but, a well timed teleport gave Vizicsacsi a double kill.

The early double kill was a huge advantage for the Unicorns as they transitioned into the mid game with a massive 2k gold advantage. In the mid game, the Unicorns began to pressure the Copenhagen lanes with several members and were successful in taking all of the Wolves outer turrets and eventually the middle Tier 2 turret by 18 minutes.

There was no way for the Wolves to recover from the massive gold discrepancy after their inner turret fell and they were forced to sit deep inside their own base and defend for the rest of the game.

Twenty three minutes into the game, even sitting behind their inhibitor wasn't enough to stop the Unicorns as they took a down the bottom lane inhibitor with ease.

With the bottom lane open, the Wolves could only watch as the Unicorns took Baron and pushed down every inhibitor on their way to finishing the game by 27 minutes.

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