Giants Gaming hand SK their fourth straight loss

by theScore Staff Jun 5 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of EULCS / Youtube

After a seesawing early game, Giants Gaming handed SK Gaming their fourth consecutive loss of the EU LCS Summer Split after 35 minutes on Friday.

Following a dominant win against Elements on Thursday, Giants sought to recreate their success by picking Evelynn (who went 6/3/18) and Morgana (1/1/19) as they had Thursday. But with Jax, Kog'Maw and Ezreal, the Giants finished their lineup in a different, late-game and poke-heavy fashion. In response, SK went with a mid-game and team-fight focused group.

Loading onto the rift, Giants had the edge with a 2-1 record, while SK looked for their first win after going 0-3. Unfortunately for them, GIA came out as the more intimidating team, taking First Blood after the 5-minute mark without giving up any kills.

The teams showed no respect for the laning phase, charging at each other at every opportunity. SK secured an uncontested dragon after winning a (bloodless) fight in the bottom lane, but the Giants answered with the first turret of the match.

Before the turn of the 13 minute, SK evened the kill score with a gank onto Adryh in the bottom lane. A few minutes later, after an altercation with their opponents and their first tower, SK locked in their second dragon buff but gave up a second turret to GIA.

An extended fight in the top lane finally pulled SK ahead in kills (2-1) but the Giants won the trade by taking their third tower (versus one).

The kills equalized again when GIA's Jax decimated the enemy Zed to give his team the confidence, at the 20-minute mark, to dive onto the Baron. Despite the unpredictability of their move, the Giants got spotted and backed off. Even still, they took a third kill in the jungle to pull themselves ahead in all objectives except dragons.

SK responded by evening the turret count, before taking a third kill of their own in the bottom lane.

Two minutes later, SK started on their third dragon but got shoved back by the Giants, who slayed their first dragon, then moved up the mid lane to be pulled into a fight that traded one-for-one.

At the turn of the 25-minute mark, Giants were ahead in gold and CS, equal in other objectives, and down one dragon. But another SK engage backfired to hand the Giants the lead, giving them four free kills and the Baron.

With the kill score at 8-4, GIA recalled to spend their hard-earned gold, then moved into the jungle to secure vision around the empty dragon pit. Pushing up the mid and top lanes, they broke into the enemy base with a sixth turret, an inhibitor and four more kills (for the price of one death). The Giants backed off to punch down their second dragon, ahead 9k in gold at the turn of 30 minutes.

The Giants chased their enemies back to the base but ended up giving up two kills for none. Both groups retreated before meeting again close to the Baron, where Giants took two kills, then turned their backs on the purple monster to run into the enemy base to finish the game 17-8 at the turn of the 35-minute mark.

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