Unicorns beat ROCCAT in longest game of Summer Split

by theScore Staff Jun 5 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of EULCS / Youtube

In a near 54-minute match, the Unicorns of Love managed a miraculous turn around that won their game against Team ROCCAT.

Facing each other in a roller coaster game, the lead went back and forth between the groups until ROCCAT managed to establish themselves as the dominant team.

This didn't change until 45 minutes into the game, when the Unicorns — with their base broken and an inhibitor down — used their amazing wave clear to push back the minions and take an inhibitor of their own.

Coming into the match, the Unicorns had a 2-1 record while ROCCAT was 1-2 in the EU LCS Summer Split.

ROCCAT made the huge mistake of letting Kikis take Gragas, but took away Thresh (picked) and Morgana (banned) from Hylissang, who instead chose Annie. Unicorns seemed to be winning the pick and bans phase, with PowerOfEvil on his signature Kog'Maw and Vizicsacsi surprising everyone with Nocturne in the top lane, but ROCCAT last-picked LeBlanc and rounded out their already strong team.

ROCCAT's Nukeduck got First Blood only three minutes in the game by taking down the enemy Kog'Maw, but Unicorns responded seconds later with a kill against Thresh in the top lane. The tempo slowed to allow for the laning phase, until the Unicorns turret dove in the top lane at the turn of the 9 minute mark to get a second kill. But a minute later, an extended skirmish in the top lane gave ROCCAT a three-for-one, leaving the kill score 4-3 in their favor.

Unicorns managed to even out the kills in the bottom lane, but a disadvantageous fight in the jungle took down Kikis and pulled ROCCAT ahead again. They widened their lead with a kill against the enemy Nocturne shortly thereafter, then shattered the top Tier 1 turret.

Continuing the non-stop action, the Unicorns got a quick equalizer in the bottom half of the map, then grabbed a turret of their own.

Now equal in everything, ROCCAT sought an edge by giving Nocturne his third death of the game at the 15-minute mark. Dancing around the dragon pit, ROCCAT scored another kill to make the score 8-6, then secured their first dragon uncontested.

Another kill against the Nocturne (1/4/0 at the 20-minute mark), pulled ROCCAT further ahead, giving them the confidence to move down the mid lane to destroy a third turret.

Unicorns moved in for their first dragon, managing to snag it before peeling away from a ROCCAT engage. In response, ROCCAT destroyed the top Tier 2 turret, now with four towers versus two. A misplaced, solo punch by the Unicorn's Hylissang let ROCCAT barrel down to kill him and Kikis, while taking the mid Tier 2 turret as well. With the kill score at 11-6, ROCCAT started on the Baron 27 minutes in but had to back off after being spotted.

A badly-communicated team fight by ROCCAT gave the Unicorns a two-for-one trade in the mid lane, allowing them to get their second dragon buff.

After the turn of the 30-minute mark, ROCCAT started on the Baron, this time taking it before the Unicorns could react. With purple minions slashing their way down the lanes, ROCCAT raided the jungles but failed to use the momentum to grab any real objectives.

The groups met again in the bottom lane, where ROCCAT grabbed a turret and effectively disengaged from a fight. They got their second dragon, then broke into the enemy base to kill Kikis before backing off to heal.

With the kill score at 13-8 and 39 minutes on the clock, ROCCAT destroyed the last outer turret before helping their minions push in the lanes. Showing fearless aggression, ROCCAT got another kill before cracking open the enemy base by shattering the mid inhibitor. They backed off to slay their second Baron, which the Unicorns tried to answer with their third dragon.

The Unicorns took down the enemy AD Carry in the jungle, then tried to turn the game around by dealing damage to the mid inhibitor turret. Ticking into the late game with no end in sight, the Unicorns destroyed the mid inhibitor.

At the turn of the 45-minute mark, the Unicorns met their enemies behind the dragon pit to trade four-for-two. With a miraculous turn around, Unicorns rushed into the enemy base to take down both nexus turrets and take away more than half of the health of nexus.

ROCCAT managed to respond just in time, taking the kill score to 19-13 and clearing their base. They took down their third dragon and tried to finish the game but had to retreat.

The Unicorns destroyed the respawned mid inhibitor, then moved close to the Baron pit to bait their enemies. They started on the monster but had to go back, then engaged in another fight before peeling off.

51 minutes in, ROCCAT dove into the Baron pit and scored their third Baron buff without any response from the Unicorns.

Even with their purple minions, ROCCAT was the less aggressive team, and were shoved back in their own base by their enemies. With all inhibitors having respawned, the Unicorns engaged in a fight that traded three-for-one and ended the game seconds before the 54 minute mark.

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