H2K win decisive game against Elements

by theScore Staff Jun 5 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of EULCS / Youtube

In less than 28 minutes, H2K-Gaming won their game against Elements in convincing fashion on Friday.

The match gives H2K a 3-1 record and Elements a 1-3 record in the EU LCS Summer Split.

The pick and bans phase was very quick, with H2K choosing comfort picks like Rumble, Rek'Sai and Thresh to round out a team-fight focused lineup. Elements concentrated more on disengage with Janna and Gragas.

First Blood was shed by H2K only one minute into the game, when the team caught Jwaow unprotected in the jungle. One minute later, the same scenario played out with promisQ being taken down near the blue buff.

Before the turn of the fourth minute, Elements continued the action by responding with two kills in the top lane.

After the early belligerence, the groups slowed in the laning phase, with H2K gaining CS advantages for every player (the top laners were 66-40 around 9 minutes into the game). At 11 minutes, Elements managed to get a third kill (the score becoming 3-2) which H2K traded for the first destroyed turret.

In the mid lane, aggression by Odoamne resulted in two kills, giving H2K the lead again. Elements slammed into Odoamne in the top lane but were held off, giving H2K their fifth kill instead.

Elements managed an equalizer at 16 minutes, evening the kill score 5-5, though H2K got their third turret and Element their first. H2K chased their opponents through the jungle to get an extra kill, allowing them to destroy a fourth tower and their first uncontested dragon.

In the top lane, two more kills left Odoamne at 5/0/1 by the 19 minute mark. Oppressing their opponents heading into the mid game, H2K shattered their fifth turret — having only allowed Elements to take one tower.

The teams met again at the turn of 23 minutes, in a fight that gave H2K two free kills in the mid lane.

The group moved in for the Baron but backed off when Elements looked to contest. A minute later, they dove into the pit again, this time securing the buff as their enemies rushed in. H2K got another kill in the river before moving up the bottom lane to break into the base, melting the inhibitor and killing their second dragon less than 26 minutes in.

Almost two minutes later, H2K broke into the enemy base again to get four kills, then destroyed both nexus turrets before scoring an ace. With the kill score at 16-5, they finished the game with almost 28 minutes on the clock.

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