Origen dominate Copenhagen Wolves, extend streak to 4-0

by theScore Staff Jun 5 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of EULCS / Youtube

Origen won a quick, absolutely dominating game against the Copenhagen Wolves on Friday, tying themselves with Fnatic for first place in the EU LCS Summer Split.

Origen, new to the LCS, went into the game with a 0-3 streak and CW with a 1-2 record.

The Copenhagen Wolves chose to pick the popular Maokai-Evelynn duo, then added in the new Ashe. Origen responded with meta picks of their own such as Gragas, Kalista and Thresh. CW last-picked Azir to face off against the enemy's Vladimir.

Origen's aggressive tactics in the bottom lane gave them the gold and glory of First Blood only three minutes into the game, when a gank from Amazing got him a kill against CW's Unlimited. In the laning phase, Origen held a slight CS advantage which grew after the 10-minute mark.

A two-man CW gank onto Soaz in the top lane backfired, instead giving Origen another kill while Soaz's Hecarim galloped away and stayed alive. Meanwhile, Origen used the distraction of their enemies to get their first dragon uncontested.

Origen proved how fantastic they are in staying alive, with their bottom lane duo getting out unscathed of a four-man gank as they denied their enemies any kills halfway through the early game. Ahead 3k in gold, Origen destroyed the top Tier 1 turret and got a third kill to put themselves ahead 12 minutes in.

In the bottom lane, thanks to an aggressive turret dive and a teleport by Soaz, Origen got two more kills.

While Origen secured their second dragon buff, CW tried to answer by shattering their first turret in the top lane. More than 16 minutes into the game, CW finally got their first kill with aggression onto Soaz. But Origen's lead continued to grow, with the group taking another kill to make the score 6-1 just seconds later.

CW engaged in the top lane, but the fight turned around quickly giving Origen a seventh kill instead. In the meantime, the CS lead of every Origen player grew by the 20-minute mark, when the team pulled the kill score to 9-1 in exchange for a second turret.

Seconds later, Soaz took his fourth kill while his teammates melted the mid Tier 2 turret and got an eleventh kill. At this point, Amazing was 4/0/2 while his fellow jungler was 1/4/0. Origen moved down to get their third dragon, then raided the jungle to pull themselves ahead 6k in gold.

After the 23 minute, Origen started on the Baron to bait Airwaks, whom they killed before taking the second last outer turret. They started on the Baron again, and though CW found out about their enemy's intentions, there was nothing to be done.

Origen had broken into the enemy base by the 25-minute mark, taking the mid and top inhibitors before being pulled into a fight that traded one-for-one.

They retreated but came back through the bottom lane for the final push, taking the last turret and inhibitor, another kill, and the enemy nexus after 28 minutes with the score at 16-3.

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