EU LCS Roundup: Coordination emerges

by theScore Staff Jun 5 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of EU LCS / LCS Screengrab

It's time to make more definitive conclusions, except I'm wishy-washy, and I have nothing really definitive to say. Teams look more defined than they have in the past two weeks, and it will only get better.

A quick look at the standings has Fnatic and ex-Fnatic (Origen) still undefeated and commanding the league. The Giants, H2K, and the Unicorns have all only dropped a game each. Copenhagen Wolves, Elements, and ROCCAT all have only a win each.

SK Gaming and Gambit haven't seen the Victory screen yet.

Forg1ven plays Sivir

Many criticisms of Gambit's team came to the surface today: GosuPepper's poor form and Forg1ven's champion pool in particular. So far in the European LCS, Forg1ven has played a different champion every game.

Today, Forg1ven played Sivir. Sivir is strong laning AD carry, but she's not typically perceived as a favorite of hard-carry style players. The idea of combining her with Ryze was solid, even if it didn't pan out.

Many of GosuPepper's crowd control was on point, though he did hesitate in a few instances. Betsy still has wildly varying performances. Cabochard probably still will only succeed with help from Diamond, and the verdict is still out on his consistency.

The point is, Gambit's bottom lane, the key to their success and also a speculated big pain point in terms of synergy, seemed more willing to work together today. Everything else will be sorted out, but even though Gambit had their fourth loss in a row, they looked passable for the first time in two weeks against Fnatic. They might not place last after all.

Giant's climb

The same cannot be said about SK.

Giants' strengths have always been in splitting focus with Werlyb and PePiiNeRo off pulling attention. Today, Werlyb found his Jax again, and Giants executed a poke composition well.

The Giants identified the proper lanes to siege, and though they may not have been flawless, they displayed more coordination than we've perhaps ever seen from them in the LCS.

So far, the only significant opponent the Giants have felled is H2K with Elements and SK falling under their wheels. Giants may be able to execute a strategy focused on avoiding the weaknesses on some of their players in 5v5s. Since they managed to avoid SK Gaming's deadly wombo combo all game today, I'll say the Giants look better.

Not good yet. Just better.

Choose your own adventure

The game between ROCCAT and the Unicorns of Love played more like a choose your own adventure novel. Most of the decisions seemed to have little to no continuity based on what the teams chose prior, and the transitions were completely botched.

Top lane Nocturne isn't advisable under normal circumstances (I will say — at least Vizicsacsi didn't build Warrior Enchantment like KaKAO did earlier today in LPL), but it seems like the perfect counter to Woolite's tendencies as a player. Woolite often positions overzealously or finds himself alone on the map. Nocturne's ultimate is the ideal tool to find him and pick him off.

Perhaps in scrims ROCCAT should find a team willing to play Nocturne against them every game. It might help fix bad habits.


That's really all there is to it. After a pick at level one, Odoamne's Rumble got fast-tracked in his build path. The important thing is that he didn't let up when pressuring his advantage. He found smart ways to use his Teleport and roamed to smash through health bars.

Odoamne completed a Zhonya's Hourglass in twelve and a half minutes and had a Haunting Guise on top of that in fourteen minutes. Elements probably could have stopped the bleeding early with a focus on map pressure top.

Regardless of who is to blame, Jwaow likely thought his team was joking twenty minutes in when they sent him top, on his own, to contend with Odoamne.

Origen's 4-0

I don't have a lot to say about this game. You could tell the matchup was one-sided when Airwaks went to gank top and sOAZ got out with a kill in the 2v1. He then proceeded to ruin lives with Teleport and Homeguard.

The Kalista pick pushed Freeze into an Urgot or Ashe selection to win the matchup, and neither of those champions hyper scale. This is a problem for the Wolves who rely upon Freeze to carry 45 minute games if they stall properly. Gragas is extremely effective against Evelynn. Vladimir can easily pool Azir's Emperor's Divide.

Origen's champion select was smart, but the Wolves played today without their coach, and they are severely outclassed on a mechanical level. I know I've said this every day, but while Origen look good, I still want to see them play more games before I decide they're top two in the region.

Since most teams beat Unicorns of Love with strategy, it sounds like Origen's next test to see if they can triumph outside the outplay is next week. I look forward to it.

Kelsey Moser is a staff writer for theScore eSports. You can follow her on Twitter.