Team Liquid beat up Enemy eSports, extend streak 3-0

by theScore Staff Jun 6 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of NALCS / Youtube

Team Liquid slaughtered Enemy eSports with 22 kills versus five in a 32-minute game on Saturday.

The teams faced each other in the first match of the second week of the NALCS Summer Split, with Team Liquid going in tied for first with a 2-0 record, while Enemy was 1-1. Liquid's Piglet ended the game with an 11/0/3 KDA, while Otter (NME AD Carry) finished at 1/6/2.

Both teams didn't ban the Ryze that has risen in the EULCS, and when NME didn't first-pick it, Team Liquid grabbed it immediately. For the first time in the Summer Split Irelia wasn't banned against Enemy, which meant she ended up in the top lane of their lineup, which also included Gragas, Varus, Corki and Nautilus. Team Liquid went with the team-fighting squad of Rek'Sai, Azir, Kalista and Thresh.

First Blood was shed at the turn of the fourth minute with a miscalculated (and as it turned out, fatal) gank by Enemy in the bottom lane. Trying to catch Quas' Ryze by hiding in the fog while an ally looped around, Enemy's aggression backfired horribly after Team Liquid collapsed on them to take a free three kills.

A few minutes later Team Liquid got a second kill against the enemy Irelia (and their fourth overall) in the bottom lane. In the meantime, Team Liquid had also grabbed a consistent CS lead on all of their players, as well as an early 4k gold advantage.

NME managed to get themselves on the board by ganking onto Quas in the bottom lane, but their opponents traded the top Tier 1 turret for it. Before the 13 minute, Team Liquid collapsed onto the enemy support to get their fifth kill of the game, which allowed them to secure the first dragon uncontested.

Three more kills gave Team Liquid the opportunity to absolutely dominate the early game, pulling them 7k ahead in gold and freeing them to take the first mid lane tower.

Snowballing heavily in the bottom lane, Team Liquid initiated a long fight in the bottom lane that extended into the jungle, killed two of their players, and gave them an ace in the 17 minute.

Piglet grabbed another easy kill in the bottom lane a minute later, making him 7/0/1 before the 20-minute mark. At this point, Team Liquid snagged their second uncontested dragon and raided the enemy jungle to get a fifteenth kill. They also shattered their third turret, giving themselves an 11k gold lead — and turning their early snowball into an avalanche.

Only 21 minutes into the match, Team Liquid started to deal damage to the Baron and actually secured the buff before NME came in, engaging in a fight that ended in Team Liquid's favor after a two-for-one trade and a fourth turret.

Enemy eSports had still not managed to acquire any objectives and was defending their base against purple minions locking onto inhibitor turrets only 24 minutes into the game. Team Liquid, after destroying the last outer turret, retreated to recall and shop with their 16k gold lead before easily snagging their third free dragon.

The pace of the game slowed for the first time as Team Liquid dominated the jungles and slayed their second Baron without any protest from NME. At the 30-minute mark Team Liquid came knocking at the enemy door again with damage to the mid inhibitor turret.

Using their minion waves strategically, the group destroyed the mid inhibitor, then initiated a long fight that granted them a second ace. With the score 22-5 and 32 minutes on the clock, Team Liquid finished the game.

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