Gravity dominates game against Cloud9

by theScore Staff Jun 6 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of NALCS / Youtube

Gravity Gaming crushed Cloud9 in the second game of the second week of the NALCS Summer Split in a 32-minute game that left the kill score at 16-6.

The teams came into the match with 1-1 records, with Gravity getting their second win after a snowballing and objective-focused victory.

With no bans on Ryze, Cloud9 first-picked the champion with the hopes of following in the footsteps of Team Liquid. Cloud9 also picked up Sejuani, Viktor, Ezreal and Nautilus. Gravity's team comp was equally as strong and tanky, with straightforward and engage-heavy picks like Maokai, Rek'Sai, Twisted Fate, Sivir and Thresh.

Gravity came out swinging in the early game, ganking onto Cloud9 bottom laners and scaring them away to take an early Tier 1 turret only four minutes in. With a 2k gold lead, better itemization and an early CS advantage (45 for Hauntzer and 10 for Balls in the 8 minute), Gravity gained a lead in the laning phase.

After the 10-minute mark, ahead two turrets to none, Gravity also snatched their first free dragon, before transitioning into the mid lane to turret dive and shed First Blood against Incarnati0n.

Cloud9 tried to respond by sending four players to the bottom lane to slowly chipping away at the Tier 1 turret. They managed to destroy their first tower but ended up trading it for a second kill against their mid laner, Incarnati0n.

While LemonNation dealt some damage to the Tier 2 turret in the bottom lane, Gravity melted through the second mid lane tower, putting themselves ahead 5k in gold by the 15-minute mark.

A minute later, four Cloud9 players ganked onto the Gravity top laner to get their first kill and second turret. Gravity exchanged the objectives for a second free dragon. They tore through the enemy jungle next, warding as they went, but had to deal with lane pressure from their opponents.

By the 20-minute mark, there were still only three kills on the board. The next bout of action came four minutes later, when Cloud9 started on their first dragon but were interrupted by their opponents, who engaged in a beautiful fight that gave them four-for-one.

Gravity immediately rushed up and took the Baron as well. The kill score at 6-2, they used their potent purple minions to put pressure on every lane. They used the buff to get a fifth turret (versus three) but nothing else, with Cloud9 doing everything in their power to clear the waves without allowing any openings.

At the 30-minute mark, Cloud9 caught Hauntzer in the top lane to get a third kill, then secured their first dragon before engaging in a fight that gave Gravity a two-for-one trade. The group used the momentum to shatter the mid inhibitor, then turned around to shop with their 10k gold lead.

With Cloud9 looking to match the vision around the respawning Baron, Gravity came in to rudely interrupt and engage in a fight that gave them four-for-one.

Instead of taking Baron, they barreled down the mid lane to try to end the game. Though they took one nexus turret, they had to retreat, which Cloud9 tried to use to their advantage by going in for a desperation Baron.

But with the kill score at 5-12, the groups butted heads in a fight that gave Gravity yet another four-for-one, and the opportunity to finish the game with the score at 16-6 after 35 minutes.

Farnia Fekri is a staff writer for theScore eSports. You can follow her on Twitter.