CLG stomp their game against Team 8, improve to 3-0

by theScore Staff Jun 6 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

Counter Logic Gaming conquered their game against Team 8 on Saturday, winning 22-5 in 37 minutes.

For the second time in the second week of the NA LCS Summer Split, Ryze was banned away. Though Aphromoo (of CLG) was denied Bard and Alistar, he first-picked Thresh instead. Team 8's lineup was very tanky, while Counter Logic Gaming focused on initiation and poke.

A beautiful CLG gank in the bottom lane gave the team First Blood after the five-minute mark.

CLG also gained a consistent CS advantage on each player in the laning phase, but didn't manage to make headway onto turrets. Instead, they got a second kill against Team 8's AD Carry after a nice gank in the bottom lane. They used it to get the first dragon without contest after 13 minutes, then transitioned into the mid lane to grab a third kill and their first turret.

The first team fight of the game happened in the bottom lane, where the teams exchanged one-for-one. Team 8 took advantage of the opportunity to even up the turret count (2-2) but CLG came right back to punish the greed and get a third turret, as well as two more kills.

At the 20-minute mark, CLG was ahead 5k in gold after taking their second dragon buff uncontested. They were pushing in every lane and raiding the enemy jungle after having come out on top of the early game.

At the turn of the 25-minute mark, CLG started on the Baron and actually snagged the buff before their enemies could come in. In the ensuing fight, Team 8 knew they were outmatched and tried to peel off. Even still, CLG chased them to take three free kills before getting their third dragon with the score at 9-1.

Only 27 minutes into the match, CLG was already dealing damage to the mid lane inhibitor turret with their purple minions, which inspired a violent battle that gave CLG two-for-one.

The action continued when CLG came back, trading another favorable two-for-one before retreating to heal. Energized, CLG tried to take down the top Tier 2 turret but instead gave up a kill.

The kill score at 13-4, CLG moved into the river again to meet their opponents. They got three more free kills and then the Baron, trading it for the mid Tier 2 turret. Rushing in the jungle, CLG got another two kills and their fourth dragon, now ahead 18-4 and breaking into the enemy base.

With a 14k gold lead, CLG cleared the jungles then destroy their sixth turret. They tried to invade the enemy base again but ended up in a fight that traded them four-for-one.

While four CLG players melted the enemy nexus, Xmithie tried unsuccessfully to finish off the ace — nonetheless, his team got the 37-minute win with a 22-5 score.

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