Dignitas defeat Team Dragon Knights in slow-boil victory

by Sean Wetselaar Jun 6 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of LCS screengrab

Dignitas opted to first pick Ryze, a increasingly-prioritized champion in the NA LCS, but opted for a less meta jungle pick, with the highly underplayed Zac. Despite the prevalence of tank junglers, Zac has received almost no professional play since Cinderhulk was added.

The game got off to a fairly slow start, with standard lanes a even gold for the first ten minutes or so.

Azingy's Zac finally picked up a first blood in a skirmish around the blue side's top jungle, but neither team was quick to take objectives to cement any kind of lead.

Eventually, after nearly 18 minutes of stalling, TDK was able to take their namesake objective, with a basically uncontested dragon off of Dignitas' back timing.

Despite Kez's constant pressure on the top wave and Seraph's nearly 30 CS lead and completed trinity force, Gamsu's Ryze was able to pick up a solo kill that began to take control of the lane, shutting down Seraph's split push potential.

TDK picked off a turret and gained a small gold advantage, but it was trade back when Dig picked up two turrets (one in bot, one in mid) after a very aggressive dive in top from the Dragon Knights.

Dignitas began to play for picks, grabbing one in their jungle, and positioning for aggressive bindings out of KiWIKID's Morgana, into follow-up crowd control.

Ultimately, Dignitas was able to open up a real edge at a drawn-out teamfight before the half-hour mark, in which Azingy was able to initiate with Zac. TDK looked, as they have through much of the split so far, just a little uncoordinated with their sub players.

Dignitas was able to chase the fight form their inner turret all the way up top lane to TDK's inner turret, eventually cleaning up enough kills to take Baron, and get themselves a few thousand gold ahead with their late-game, scaling comp.

Dignitas then pressured hard, picked up more turrets and put themselves in a position to potentially end the game with a second baron pick-up.

TDK pressured Dignitas off the Baron, then after a veritable tango of Baron dancing, when Dignitas went for a second attempt at the vital buff, Kez picked it up himself with a miracle steal that gave TDK the lane pressure to stay in the game.

Dignitas was put briefly on the back foot, when TDK pushed down their middle inhibitor turret. But, Gamsu turned things around with a terrifying flash over a Chains of Corruption that allowed Dig to pick up a teamfight, and an inhibitor.

Dignitas picked up the game's third Baron at around 46 minutes, which finally gave them the momentum they needed to close the game out with a longer, approximately 50-minute game against the bottom-of-the-table Team Dragon Knights.

It wasn't as convincing as their win against Cloud 9, but Dig was able to keep the momentum going, and pick up their second win of the split, putting the 2-1 so far this summer.

Sean Wetselaar is a Toronto journalist who writes about Fantasy and sometimes real League of Legends for The Score. He thinks Ryze is on the rise this split. And he's not sorry for that pun. You can follow him on Twitter.