Team Impulse hands Cloud9 their third consecutive loss

by theScore Staff Jun 7 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

In their game on Sunday, Cloud9 lost their early lead to Team Impulse, who used the edge to execute amazing team fights and win in less than 37 minutes

Both teams started the match with 1-2 records in the NA LCS Summer Split, facing each other in the second week. Though C9 started with a handsome lead, TIP managed to turn the game around in the 26 minute in a dragon fight.

While TIP focused heavily on jungle control in the laning phase, Cloud9 took an early dragon before the 5-minute mark. First Blood went to C9 after a four-man gank and turret dive in the top lane.

C9 took control of the early game with better ward placement and two more kills in the top lane. Their superior team communication showed in the skirmishes, where C9 had a faster and more controlled style that helped them pull the kill score to 5-1 by the 15-minute mark. Less than five minutes later, C9 used fearless aggression to chase away their opponents and secure a second dragon buff.

TIP prioritized split pushing in the mid game, giving their mid laner and AD Carry CS advantages. Behind only slightly on gold and objectives, TIP rushed in to interrupt Cloud9's attempt at a third dragon. Collapsing on their opponents, TIP managed to get an equalizer that gifted them four kills and didn't give up a single death.

The team immediately slayed the Baron, then headed back to get their second dragon, giving them a 5k gold lead.

Aside from the equalizer in front of the dragon pit, the mid game progressed without much belligerence but with both teams establishing good presence in the jungles. TIP didn't manage to use their Baron-empowered minions for much, but were up five turrets to three nevertheless. In fact, they gave C9 a lot of respect, backing off when they saw their opponents in lane.

Even still, TIP's first knock at the enemy door came in the 32 minute. In the next few minutes, TIP got their third dragon and the bottom inhibitor while C9 attempted a desperation Baron that backfired spectacularly, giving TIP an ace-for-one and the Baron.

The kill score at 12-7, TIP broke into the base again to trade three-for-one, get the mid inhibitor and finish the game before the 37 minute.

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