Gravity dominate game to end Team Liquid's perfect streak

by theScore Staff Jun 7 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

Gravity won a controlled and quick game against Team Liquid in a 32-minute match on Sunday.

Team Liquid went into the game with a 3-0 record in the NALCS Summer Split. Gravity's win improves their own record to 2-2 while ending Liquid's streak.

With Gravity prioritizing crowd control and Team Liquid heavy on disengage, the teams loaded onto the rift. The laning phase progressed quite slowly, with both groups focusing on neutrals.

The first bout of action happened at the 10-minute mark, when Gravity executed a three-man gank onto the enemy top laner, Quas, to shed First Blood. The objective took long enough to allow Team Liquid to grab the first dragon uncontested.

Two more kills in the top lane gave Gravity a slight advantage, which they solidified by shattering the first turret of the game, establishing good vision control and slaying their first dragon.

Gravity had gotten another two kills by the 20-minute mark, when they engaged in a fight in the jungle that gave their Urgot a triple kill in exchange for one death. Gravity rushed onto the top Tier 2 turret — which Hauntzer died to — to get their fifth tower.

With the kill score at 8-2 after a gank onto Hauntzer in the jungle, Gravity grabbed their second dragon for a 7k gold lead 23 minutes into the match. Melting through turrets and pushing every lane, Gravity shifted their attention to securing vision around the Baron in the mid game. By the 26 minute, they started on the monster and managed to kill it before Team Liquid came in for a fight that gave Gravity a two-for-one trade.

Before the turn of the 30-minute mark, Gravity effortlessly took the mid inhibitor, then looped back for a third dragon and a 10k gold lead. To finish off, Gravity got four more kills to end the game with the kill score at 14-3 and 32 minutes on the clock.

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