Team SoloMid win volatile game against Counter Logic Gaming

by theScore Staff Jun 7 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

In the most anticipated match of the week, Team SoloMid proved themselves the stronger team against historic rival Counter Logic Gaming on Sunday.

Though slipping from their early game lead at the 30-minute mark to give CLG a chance at the base, TSM managed to score an ace that all but ended the game a few minutes later.

In the pick and bans phase, Team SoloMid put Bard in the support position to the delight of the crowd.

Though the early game wasn't very exciting, TSM started to acquire a slight advantage in CS and gold. It took 13 minutes to shed First Blood, which TSM scored after executing a five-man turret dive in the bottom lane to get two kills.

Having traded a turret each, both teams eyed the first dragon of the game but TSM managed to intimidate their opponents enough to get the buff uncontested at the 16 minute, which CLG traded for a second turret.

After the 20-minute mark, TSM was still holding onto their slight lead while CLG poked their opponents repeatedly, trying to get their first kill. Meanwhile, TSM got a second tower of their own to extend their gold lead to 3k. Unfortunately for CLG, TSM snagged their second dragon buff without their opponents trading anything for it.

At the turn of the 25-minute mark, CLG finally got on the board with a two-for-one trade. But TSM chased them through the jungle to get two kills, allowing them to take their third and fourth turrets, then a third dragon.

The most volatile team fight of the game came in the mid lane at the 30 minute, when CLG traded three-for-one in an epic exchange that then extended to give TSM two more kills.

In the end, the kill score was at 8-6 still in favor of TSM but CLG used the momentum to kill the Baron. They pushed up the lanes but got absolutely crushed by TSM in the ensuing team fight, who traded an ace-for-one that gave them the kill (13-7), turret (6-5), dragon (4-0) and gold advantage.

Their early game timidity nowhere in sight, TSM melted the final outer turret before starting on a Baron of their own. After getting the buff, they engaged in a battle that gave them four free kills.

Having broken into the enemy base, TSM ended the game with 40 minutes and 17-7 kills on the board.

Farnia Fekri is a staff writer for theScore eSports. She wants Quinn to become a meta pick. You can follow her on Twitter.