Team Dignitas hands Team 8 their fourth loss

by theScore Staff Jun 7 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

Despite getting an early lead in their game against Team 8, Team Dignitas took 43 minutes to take Sunday's match with the kill score at 24-11.

The groups faced each other in the last match of the second week of the NA LCS Summer Split — in which Team 8 is now 0-4 (while DIG is 3-1).

First Blood went to DIG early on after a turret dive in the bottom lane exchanged one-for-one.

The bottom lane continued to be the action-filled corner of the map in the laning phase, when the DIG duo showed their strength by surviving several ganks and even taking a kill. Another favorable fight in the bottom lane gave DIG a four-for-one, as well as the first turret of the match, letting them take a 6-2 lead.

By the 20-minute mark, Team 8 still trailed 4-8 in kills but had good vision coverage, equal turrets and threatening lane pressure. But when the teams met again in front of the dragon pit, DIG traded two-for-one and secured their first dragon.

The groups had destroyed all Tier 1 turrets by the time the dragon respawned, pulling DIG into the pit for their second buff. In the ensuing fight, DIG dominated the skirmish to trade three-for-one.

They started on the Baron but had to retreat, dancing around the river only to exchange a kill with Team 8.

At the turn of the 33 minute, DIG dove into the Baron pit again. They got two more kills in the process, making Shiphtur's Kog'Maw 5/0/6.

Ignoring the turret-melting potential of their purple minions, DIG chose to take their third dragon before trading one-for-one. Now 36 minutes into the match, DIG broke into the base to take the mid inhibitor then backed off to meet their enemies in several fights that pulled the kill score to 20-11.

At the turn of the 40-minute mark, DIG pushed their enemies back to the base before starting on their second Baron. Team 8 came in to interrupt but, realizing how outmatched they were, went back to the lanes instead as DIG moved down the river to slay their fourth dragon.

In the final push of the game, DIG invaded the blue base to take two inhibitors, then four free kills.

Melting the nexus with 43 minutes on the clock and 24-11 kills on the board, DIG improved their Summer record to 3-1.

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