Ekko's first competitive game

by Connor Dunn Jun 9 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of League of Legends

Ekko made his first appeareance in competitive play in the EU Challenger series between Mouz and Dignitas EU.

Team Dignitas EU mid laner, Sencux, was the first player to pick the champion in professional play. Although the early mid laning phase was relatively uneventful, Ekko’s first kill and immediate death was seen in a massive team fight bottom lane.

The fight started off with Sencux getting a quick pickoff on Mountain’s Janna, however a massive Gnar ultimate stunned Sencux right under the first tier turret.

With the turret focusing Sencux, his remaining HP was quickly eliminated by Dan’s Gragas. Unfortunately, Sencux never found an opportunity to use his Chronobreak ultimate during this team fight.

A well coordinated gank top lane allowed Dignitas EU to pick up yet another kill thanks to Ekko's Parallel Convergence stunning beansu for 2.25 seconds.

During a team fight around mid lane, Sencux jumped head first into a complicated team fight. Although he took a considerable amount of damage, he was able to defensively go back in time with his ultimate.

After healing up, Sencux rejoined the fight and secured his rampage by taking out Sedrion.

In this clip, we finally see how devastating an offensive Chronobreak is. Sencux baited his opponent into the perfect position and executed his ultimate, instantly killing Sedrion.

Sencux finished with a score line of 11/2/6 and 416 cs, a solid first showing on League's newest champion.

Connor Dunn is a staff writer for theScore eSports. You can follow him on Twitter.