Origen slay Unicorns of Love, extend streak to 5-0

by theScore Staff Jun 11 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

In a clean and dominant performance, Origen secured their fifth straight EU LCS win with a dominant showing against the Unicorns of Love on Thursday.

The rookies LCS squad played a fast-paced, objective-focused match that, also given the repeated errors of their opponents, allowed them to take the game without a hiccup.

With the game being Ekko's introduction to the LCS, Origen took him out of the equation by banning him in the pick and bans phase.

Once loaded onto the rift, UOL managed to score First Blood, marking the first time Origen has given up the objective in the LCS thus far.

A team fight in the bottom lane at the turn of the 10-minute mark evened up the kills, and by the 15-minute mark, Origen had started to pull ahead with the kill score in their favor at 4-2. UOL matched their teammates in early game aggression, but engaged in a fight in the mid lane that gave their opponents an five-for-two at the turn of the mid game, giving Origen an advantage they maintained for the remainder of the game.

Desperately trying to turn things around, UOL made the mistake of trying to engage their opponents behind the Baron pit. But Origen didn't make any mistakes in the ensuing team fight, showing confidence and a clean execution that let them surge ahead with their Baron minions and a 17-4 kill lead. They used their momentum to shred through the top inhibitor, breaking the enemy base before the 25 minute.

UOL lost a nexus turret at this point, when Origen was getting kills in the enemy base and destroying the mid inhibitor. With the game all but finished, Origen moved around the jungle comfortably to get their ninth turret and a 14k gold lead. Looking better than ever, they slayed their second dragon before charging up the bottom lane to break into the enemy base for the last time. After getting three more kills to make the score 22-4, Origen shattered the OUL nexus with almost 28 minutes on the clock to secure their fifth straight win.

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