Giants Gaming move to 4-1 with win over Team ROCCAT

by theScore Staff Jun 11 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

Giants Gaming managed to pull themselves ahead with better mid-game team fights and a Baron steal to defeat Team ROCCAT on Thursday.

Following in the footsteps of Origen, who played the Unicorns of Love earlier, ROCCAT banned Ekko, while Giants Gaming picked up Evelynn for Fr3deric, who has yet to lose a game on the champion this season.

A two-man gank onto ROCCAT top laner Steve gave GIA First Blood within the first three minutes.

A minute later, ROCCAT answered with a kill of their own in the bottom lane. The pace of the game then slowed while the groups farmed, with the next objective not being taken until the 12 minute mark — when GIA secured their first dragon uncontested.

The groups seemed to have an understanding about using the early game to scale, dancing around each other while the mid game loomed closer. GIA used the laning phase to gain CS advantages on every player except for the support.

The first team fight happened outside of the dragon pit, after ROCCAT got their first buff. GIA collapsed on their opponents to initiate a battle that gave them three free kills, allowing them to pick up more items and a second turret, while establishing vision and jungle control.

But at the 24 minute mark, GIA tried to widen the gap by jumping into the Baron pit. They managed to secure the buff before peeling away, giving up a kill to equalize the score in the process. ROCCAT traded the purple minions for a fourth turret and the dragon, but couldn't get anything more as the Giants came barreling down the lanes to make the most of their buff.

Though ROCCAT was still even in kills with the score at 6-6, they were playing defensively in the mid game against more confident opponents. GIA had also established better vision, letting them take their sixth tower (versus four) and three kills to finally pull themselves ahead again.

At the turn of the 34 minute, GIA started and restarted on their second potential Baron but were unable to bait their opponents into a fight. They finally retreated to allow ROCCAT to attempt the Baron, giving Fr3deric the opportunity to execute an amazing Baron steal.

After securing the buff, ROCCAT took a two-for-one trade but met their enemies again a minute later to give up four kills. With the score at 14-8, GIA rushed down the mid lane to melt the inhibitor, kill the remaining opponent to score an ace, and end the game after nearly 40 minutes.

Farnia Fekri is a staff writer for theScore eSports. She believes that if Baron steals could be a drink, they'd be champagne. You can follow her on Twitter.