Fnatic still undefeated after victory over Elements

by theScore Staff Jun 11 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

A valiant fight by Elements wasn't enough to beat Fnatic, who won their match on Thursday to extend their streak to 5-0.

For the first time in the EU (or NA) LCS Summer Split, Ekko wasn't banned away, leading Elements to pick the champion on the red side. The team became the crowd favorite after they added Bard to their lineup.

Their interesting picks aside, Elements gave up First Blood to their opponents only two minutes in, when Fnatic caught the enemy Bard in the jungle.

Elements showed little fear of their powerful opponents, which made their Ekko intimidating but their Bard squishy. By the 10-minute mark, Fnatic had pulled themselves ahead 5-2 but had yet to grab any objectives. A three-man turret dive gave Elements a third kill, but allowed Fnatic to take the first tower and dragon.

With 20 minutes on the clock, Fnatic was ahead with the kill score at 7-4, turret count at 4-2, two dragons and a 5k gold lead — but the teams still looked evenly matched in fights. One of these skirmishes happened behind the Baron pit, where the teams traded two-for-two but Fnatic came out stronger anyway, moving up the mid lane to get a turret, then establish control in the jungle.

Elements got a seventh kill to reduce the gap, and after Fnatic got a third uncontested dragon, Elements snuck a Baron without their opponents ever finding out. But everything went wrong for the team after an engage in the bottom lane, where Fnatic scored four kills without a single death.

Over the next five minutes, the groups got a kill each before Fnatic killed their fourth dragon. An extended team fight in the mid lane gave an aggressive Fnatic group three-for-one, pushing their gold lead to 10k. After getting their first Baron, Fnatic decidedly broke the enemy base to get four more kills and the mid inhibitor. Working seamlessly as a team, with the kill score at 21-9, they ended the game in almost 37 minutes.

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