Gambit Gaming get first summer win in 47 minute game against Copenhagen Wolves

by theScore Staff Jun 11 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

After almost 48 minutes, Gambit Gaming managed to destroy the Copenhagen Wolves' nexus to get their first EU LCS Summer Split win Thursday.

On the blue side, CW followed in the shoes of Elements (whose Ekko was 4/1/4) by first-picking the newest champion, but locking him in as a jungler. Gambit's lineup was interesting as well, with both Gragas (top) and Rek'Sai (jungle) included.

A two-man gank in the bottom lane gave Gambit First Blood against YoungBuck.

CW quickly responded with a kill of their own in the top lane. Though the game slowed down for the players to farm, Gambit showed themselves to be the more aggressive team with repeated ganks and pokes that pushed their enemies back to their turrets. Both teams made several questionable calls in the early game, leaving CW leading in kills 4-2 by the 15-minute mark.

The first objective of the game took nearly 18 minutes to procure, with Gambit destroying the first tower of the match. Having opened the floodgates, Gambit took another two towers while CW got two of their own, as well as the first dragon.

By the 22 minute, the game was still very close with CW leading in kills 5-4, while Gambit had four towers (versus three) and a negligible gold lead. In the next few minutes, the teams slowly but surely chipped away at objectives as the timer ticked towards the late game.

Gambit collapsed onto YoungBuck in the top lane to even up the kill score, giving the team the chance to go in for Baron. Panicking, CW rushed in to interrupt but gave up a two-for-one trade that allowed Gambit to loop around to kill the Baron and get two more kills.

Having punished the many mistakes of CW, the kill score favored Gambit 9-6 by the 30-minute mark. With no vision and one of their inhibitor turrets destroyed, CW was prisoned in their base, praying for a mistake by Gambit. But no errors were made — instead, Gambit cleaned out the jungle before soloing the dragon and duoing their second Baron, while still putting pressure on the lanes at the 38 minute.

But with everything on their side, Gambit was still hesitant to push into the enemy base and showed an inability to close the game. At the turn of the 40-minute mark, Gambit finally invaded the base to trade one-for-one and take the top and bottom inhibitors.

Gambit backed off again, now ahead 12k in gold, letting the blue inhibitors respawn in exchange for killing their third Baron at the turn of the 45-minute mark. They came back to the blue base to slowly take three inhibitors, trade five-for-one, then finish the game 15-8 in almost 48 minutes.

Farnia Fekri is a staff writer for theScore eSports. She is a 2048 champion. You can follow her on Twitter.