Fnatic move to 6-0 after incinerating Giants Gaming

by theScore Staff Jun 12 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

In their sixth straight win of the EU LCS Summer Split, Fnatic made quick work of Giants Gaming in a controlled and unforgiving match that ended 19-4 on Friday.

In the pick and bans phase, the supports were heavily targeted with bans against Morgana, Thresh and Alistar. Ekko was ignored, however, which led Fnatic to first-pick the champion on the second day of his availability.

By the time the players had loaded onto the rift, GIA mid laner PePiiNeRo had locked in Lucian and played as the AD Carry for the game, while usual AD Carry Adryh went mid with Lulu.

First Blood went to Fnatic with an advantageous kill against the enemy top laner, Werlyb (playing the first Renekton of the Summer Split) less than four minutes into the game.

Only two minutes later, GIA put themselves on the board with a kill against Reignover. The laning phase, though it saw the teams exchange equal punches, seemed to be more in control of Fnatic, who moved effortlessly as a team and showed great communication. By the 15-minute mark, Fnatic had used their aggressive style to get a 6-2 kill advantage, a dragon, a 4k gold lead and a tower.

Things went from bad to worse for GIA, who seemed completely intimidated by their snowballing and turret-diving opponents. By the time the mid game had rolled around, the gulf between the groups had mushroomed to 11-4 in kills. At this time, the Fnatic jungler (Rek'Sai) was 5/1/2 while GIA's jungler (Gragas) was 1/5/0.

It was nearly the perfect game for Fnatic, who were shoving in the Giants and establishing incredible vision control. They hid in the grass in the river to collapse onto the Giants, getting three kills before chasing their enemies to get a fourth.

Fnatic then secured the Baron buff, extending their gold lead to 13k after the 25-minute mark, when the team destroyed their fifth turret (versus two) and broke the enemy base with a shattered bottom inhibitor. They looped around to take all outer turrets, before using their purple minions to get the mid inhibitor.

They recalled to shop with their hard-earned gold before pushing up the top lane to destroy the last inhibitor. In their fastest win of the season, with 19-4 kills on the board, Fnatic melted the red nexus in almost 29 minutes.

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