Team ROCCAT end Origen's winning streak

by theScore Staff Jun 12 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

Team ROCCAT played a snowballing game against Origen on Friday, giving the LCS newcomers their first loss of the season after 31 minutes.

Origen went into the match with a 5-0 record, while Team ROCCAT was 1-4. ROCCAT had a much better and more sensible team comp, winning the game almost out of the pick and bans phase.

In the early game, the groups concentrated on a lane each, with ROCCAT taking the top turret while Origen took a dragon and a bottom tower before the 5-minute mark. They then switched, Origen taking a top turret and ROCCAT taking bottom.

ROCCAT managed to shed First Blood at the turn of the 10-minute mark, also grabbing a second quick kill, which let them take their first dragon uncontested.

ROCCAT showed themselves to be the smarter team in the early game, engaging in a fight in the upper jungle that gave them three-for-three. They then pushed up the mid lane at the turn of the 15-minute mark, killing the enemy mid laner and setting up better wards.

By the mid game, Origen looked a lot like their usual selves with split pushing attempts and aggressive ganks onto blind opponents. Still down three kills, they had almost closed the gold gap but then met their enemies in the mid lane to give ROCCAT two free kills and a third dragon.

In unfamiliar and stormy waters, Origen was playing with a disadvantage at the 25-minute mark for the first time in the season. They were down two turrets, 3-8 in kills and 1-3 in dragons. Sluggish but hanging on, Origen gave up two more kills (for one) and another turret before giving up another three free kills. The kill score at 13-4, ROCCAT rushed into the Baron pit to secure the buff and an 8k gold lead, before getting a fourth dragon 30 minutes in.

ROCCAT broke the enemy base to take the bottom inhibitor, before looping into the mid lane to trade three-for-one. They extended the fight to get an ace and the red nexus only 31 minutes in.

Farnia Fekri is a staff writer for theScore eSports. You can follow her on Twitter.